So the Toronto ComiCON is this weekend! Are you ready? Oh sure, you’ve got the cash that will be needed and you’re going to bed early on Thursday night to be well rested for Friday, but are you READY?! The biggest problem that many convention goers have is that they don’t enter the show with a game plan. This causes them to miss out on some pretty cool stuff. Not all the action in on the convention floor. There’s panels and special events too! Some of these events have “once in a life time” moments. Moments that if you miss ‘em, you may regret not being there for the REST OF YOUR LIFE! Okay, maybe I’m being a little dramatic but I just want what’s best for you. I want you, dear reader, to get the best Toronto ComiCON experience you possibly can. I’m here to help.

Below you’ll find a list of suggestions for panels and workshops that we here at Geek Hard think you should be checking out. You don’t have to take our advice but I wouldn’t risk it if I were you. So take a look at the list and start planning now. Live your Con with no regrets.


As some might know, both myself and Mr. Green have had a long and storied history with the Constellation Awards. This Canadian ceremony recognizing great achievements in science fiction film and television has welcomed us as both media and actual presenters at their annual event. This weekend, you can find out who might be winning this June as Constellations chairman Andrew Gurudata announces the nominees for this year’s awards. If you love Sci-Fi and you love fans that are passionate, come check out and support this announcement.



Exterminate! Ever wanted to yell that at the top of your lungs through a speaker box inside your very own Dalek? I know some of you out there really want to. You just need the Dalek to to it, right? Well, the first step to getting there is figuring out how to build your own and who better to show you how than the Dr. Who Society of Canada. Join experts Mike Townsend and Rob Green as they reveal all. From blueprints and materials needed to the basic operation of these bad boys, you’ll get to know the INs and OUTs of these Dr. Who antagonists. As a special treat, Townsend and Green will proabably also share some of their hilarious con experiences. Daleks are cool.


CanuckWEB_originalsmCAPTAIN CANUCK WEB SERIES PANEL – Saturday @ 3pm in Room 716A

As Season One of the web series winds down, come celebrate this piece of animated piece of Canadian awesome with the crew that brought it to you. Hear from those who produced, directed, designed and created this series and character, including comic artist Kalman Andrasofszky and Captain Canuck creator Richard Comely. Season One of Captain Canuck was a rocking time and we can’t wait to hear what this group of talented folks have in store for us in the future. Show that you’re true, north, strong and free by giving the love to this Canadian icon.


OrphanBlackTatiana400X4002INNERSPACE LIVE WITH CAST OF ORPHAN BLACK – Saturday @ 4pm in Room 718B

Last year around this time, we were all wondering just what this whole Orphan Black thing was about and what to expect from this upcoming science fiction series. Fast forward to the present and we now all know this series airing on BBC America and Space is a force to be reckoned with. Join Tatiana Maslany, the amazing actor who plays half the cast as Sarah and her clone sisters, along with actor and Geek Hard Froggy Award Winner Jordan Gavaris as they talk about the success of the show and maybe drop a few hints about what we can expect from Season Two when it debuts in April. Maslany and Gavaris are both quite the characters, so this panel is sure to be an enjoyable one. Those InnerSpace cats will be hosting.


ruiz400x400ARCHIE PANEL WITH CREATORS DAN PARENT & FERNANDO RUIZ – Saturday @ 4pm in room 716A

I remember when Archie was just the comic you’d buy for your younger siblings who were not ready for superheroes. Those days are long gone as Archie has risen in popularity and social awareness over the past few years. Be sure to attend this panel to find out all the new and exciting things coming the Riverdale gang’s way in the coming months. Plus a scketch duel “Fan Expo Rematch” between Parent and Ruiz that promises to be to the death. May the odds be ever in your favour and may you live to enjoy another delicious burger with Jughead as well.



Another panel hosted by those InnerSpace cats and this one’s for a SPACE ORIGINAL SERIES! Bitten made it’s debut on the small screen this past January and things are currently heating up on the program. It’s werewolves fighting! The Pack vs. The Mutts! FIGHT! But if you want a more tame introduction into the series or if you’re a fan of the show and want to check out some of these wolf boys up close, you’re not gonna want to miss this one. Greg Bryk, Steve Lund and Michael Xavier will be there to wow you with their human personas. Sorry folks, no actual wolves will be aloud on the premises…….but I’m sure a few animals will.


20130215KharenHillShawContinuum_RachelNichols_444041EXCLUSIVE ADVANCE SCREENING OF CONTINUUM PLUS Q&A WITH STAR RACHEL NICHOLS – Sunday @ 4pm Room #718B

For fans of Continuum, this one’s a special treat. Get an advanced screening of the Season Three premiere of this Showcase Original Series hours before anybody else does. To top it off, there’ll be a Q&A with cast member Rachel Nichols directly after the screening. Get your questions ready. Not a bad way to close out your convention if you ask me.


So these are our picks on what you should be checking out at this year’s Toronto ComiCON. These are just some of the panels and events out there. For a full schedule, check it out at the Toronto ComiCON website.

Hope to see you all there and if you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!