So we have started another year of CON SEASON! And you know what that means… COSPLAY!

That’s right, the Cosplayers are back as they rock their latest creations to show off to all of the rest of us who attend the shows. These few, these brave few struggle to build, make and modify items to make the perfect costume to strut around showing what they can do. Some still need to work at their craft, but many are mind blowing. The interesting thing I find about the whole culture of costuming like this is when someone brings the thunder with the most pitch perfect outfit, or they take an idea and bend it to suit their needs.

Sometimes that means guys dressing as females, ladies dressing as males or something else entirely. Hell, I once saw a Delorean Transformer THAT ACTUALLY TRANSFORMED! It was awesome. Here’s a sampling of some of the Cosplay from this past weekend’s Toronto ComiCON.

If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!

**If you see your cosplay above and I got your description wrong please feel free to let me know so that I may correct it for you.