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Hey Friends,

Andrew Young here. I’d like to take a break for a second from promoting and reviewing the work of others to share with you some of my own work. A year and a half ago, I got the opportunity to shoot a short film with actor Bernard Robichaud (best known for work as Cyrus on the Trailer Park Boys t.v. series and upcoming third film). Bernard and I created the characters and concept for the film as well as co-produced the short and co-wrote the script. It’s been a long wait but now I can finally present Black Bart to all of you.

Black Bart stars Robichaud as low level hood and drug dealer Bart Black. Bart’s just gotten out of prison. He’s paid his debt to society but there are others on the outside who feel he owes them much more. It’s funny how people tend to not forget when you lose a bunch of their drugs. Co-starring Geek Hard’s own Kris Johnson (He of New Comics and Kickstart my Heart fame), Black Bart is a comedy that shows you don’t need to know where you’re going but you’ll need a plan to get there.

A big thank you to Bernard, Kris, Director of Photography/Editor Jonathan Chiovitti and everyone else involved in making this film a reality. With any luck (and if we get enough of a following) there will more Black Bart coming your way in the near future.

Check out the film below and let me know what you think.

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