What is Geek Hard One Million?

What happened to the episodes 199 to 999,999? How did we get this far? Why is Mr. Green sporting a robot body? And what does Grant Morrison have to do with any of this?

That’s a lot of questions to be running through your head regarding an episode of Geek Hard. Rest assured that all will be revealed this Friday! What we can say now is that Grant Morrison (or a believable approximation of him) will be making his presence known on this week’s show…….TO SAVE THE WORLD! Save it from what? We’re not sure. You’ll just have to go to this Friday to find out.

Thor-TDW_All-Hail-the-King_3-650x400One thing we’re positive will happen is that the show will feature a very special review of All Hail the King, the newest Marvel One-Shot released on last week’s Thor: The Dark World Blu-ray. Get a detailed review of the short film and find out what it may mean for the Marvel Movieverse this Friday. Regardless of what happens, lord knows Ben Kingley’s Trevor Slattery will give us lots to talk about.

All this, plus the news and reviews that you’ve come to expect…….kind of, right here on Geek Hard. Listen LIVE! This Friday at 7pm Eastern on the station where time fractals are all relative, Not even pouring milk on a chinchilla can save us now!

If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!