This week we review a piece of animated nostalgia comedy and interview the Godfather of G.I. Joe.

Screen-shot-2014-01-28-at-8.19.24-PM-600x335Don’t miss this Friday’s episode of Geek Hard as Andrew and Mr. Green will be fighting for freedom wherever there’s trouble and they won’t be doing it alone. Joining the boys will be filmmaker Mark Cheng and Comic Creator Larry Hama. Mark was last on our program in 2011 to promote the release of Operation Red Retrieval, a G.I.Joe fan film that gained a huge cult following. Larry Hama is the man behind the 80’s reinvention of America’s original fighting action figure. Not only is he the writer of the Real American Hero Comic series (which celebrates it’s 200th issue this week!) but he also wrote the I.D. cards that came on the back of each G.I.Joe figure pack. The two have joined forces to bring us Ghost Source Zero, a military/sci-fi webseries about an elite force tasked to bring down cyberpunks, cyborgs and enhanced humans. Fresh off a successful Kickstarter campaign to help finance the endeavour, Mark and Larry will be joining us via phone to give more insight on the project and what to expect when it hits the interwebs. But worry not friends, you don’t have to wait to watch the first episode. Check out the video below to get your first taste of Ghost Source Zero.

Don’t miss this Friday when we talk with Larry Hama and Mark Cheng about Ghost Source Zero.

But that’s not the only G.I. Joe related item that we’ll be covering on the show. This week, Community gets animated with an episode that pays homage to the beloved 80’s cartoon and Geek Hard will be talking about it. Will this creative team that has shown love to everything from Star Wars to Goodfellas do right by the Joes? Or will they ascend into a pit of madness more deadly than the caverns of Cobra-La? Listen to the show this week to find out Andrew and Mr. Green’s take on it.

( Please note that Andrew screwed up here and thought the G.I.Jeff episode was on this week. There is no review on this show but most likely will be on the next one. )

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Community gets animated and takes on Terror on Land, Sea and Air. Will Geek Hard be on their side?

Community gets animated and takes on Terror on Land, Sea and Air. Will Geek Hard be on their side?