Hey Friends,

Andrew Young of Geek Hard here. Over the years, we’ve always been there to tell you about new and cool crowd funding projects that we think you should be checking out. This latest one I’m about to talk about is one I have a lot of faith in, so much so that I’m involved in it. This week, a new kickstarter campaign was launched for The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth, a documentary focusing on a nerdy stand up comedy tour that will be going across Canada, making stops at geeky attractions along the way. This film will be part concert film, part geek travel guide as it follows comedian Gavin Stephens as he searches for cool and geeky people and places during the day and puts on some of the nerdiest comedy shows this country has ever seen at night. What’s the geekiest place you’ve ever been to? We don’t just want to know, we want to go there! And with your help, we can.


Take a moment and check out the campaign at www.geeksinheritearth.com. You’ll see that we’re passionate about this project and we want you to be as well. We’ve got some great perks for those that support the project, including copies of the finished film, a poster print by artist David Bishop, Exclusive video interviews and stand up performances, and even a chance to meet myself and Gavin and be a part of the film yourself.

We want this journey to be epic and shine a light on some of the geekiest places this country has to offer. If we raise enough money, we may even be able to extend the tour into the U.S. and show you even more nerdy locales that are off the beaten path. Please take the time check out the kickstarter an see what we have to offer. You might like what you see. And reach out to us via facebook and twitter and let us know what geeky locales you want us to go to. We’re always looking for more places to add to the list.

And if you’re in Toronto this Saturday night, why not stop by the Silver Snail (329 Yonge Street) and take a free comedy show we’re putting on there. Gavin and myself will be joined by comedian Mayce Galoni and musical duo Debs and Errol. Doors open at 8pm. Hope to see you there.

If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!

Check out Gavin and Andrew in Toronto this Saturday and support the project at www.geeksinheritearth.com

Check out Gavin and Andrew in Toronto this Saturday and support the project at www.geeksinheritearth.com