It’s all Devils and Dragons this week.

Don’t miss a brand new episode of Geek Hard this Friday as Andrew and Mr. Green bring you another Evening of Awesome! And they won’t be bringing it alone. Joining the guys will be comic writer Ross May. Ross will be on to talk about his new graphic novel, Devil Dealers. We’ve all heard stories about the devil and how he plays tricks to obtain souls. In this comic, he also plays cards for them. We’ll be taking an in-depth look at the comic, along with his other work, on the program. Here’s a quick bio on Ross May and Devil Dealers.

2014-04-23-08-35-02-Ross MayWriter Ross May and artist Brett Wood, along with UK publisher Markosia Enterprises Ltd. are pleased to announce the publication of DEVIL DEALERS, a 129 page graphic novel. It is the exciting story of individuals who have gambled with the Devil and won, gaining unique treasures and abilities. Together they search for the legendary notebook of Faust, which contains secrets to the afterlife. This story is available digitally on Comixology, in print at and finer bookstores.

Ross May of Saskatchewan, Canada has written for famous properties including the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The Real Ghostbusters.

To find out more about Devil Dealers, go to and be sure to listen to the interview with Ross this Friday.

But that’s not all. If you act now (which means “listen to this week’s show”), you’ll also get to hear our review of How to Train Your Dragon 2. Will this family cartoon live up to it’s predecessor or will it cower in defeat? Find out what the critics (meaning Andrew and Green) have to say about this one.

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Is How to Train Your Dragon 2 TOO MUCH FUN? Find out this Friday.

Is How to Train Your Dragon 2 TOO MUCH FUN? Find out this Friday.