There was a moment in time, not too long ago, that it seemed like Ryan Gosling was everywhere and that every woman loved him. Not to say that’s he’s not around now and that women don’t still love him. I know he’s got a legion of admirers. I bet if you looked at the average woman’s google searches from the past month, the words “Ryan Gosling Eva Mendez Pregnant?” would be found within the list. But I’m talking about when Gosling was EVERYWHERE! That period in time, it felt like he was the measure to beat for some. But how can you beat Gosling? That’s the question that fuels Ryan Gosling Must Be Stopped, a new webseries written and directed by Heather Dann and Adrienne Kress.

RGMBS stars Todd Campbell as an average man who’s being haunted by the essence of Gosling. When he picks up a newspaper, Gosling’s on the cover. When he goes to work, the ladies are talking about Gosling. When he goes home, his wife is watching the Notebook. Even when he and his wife are intimate, it’s obvious that she’s got Gosling on her mind. How can a guy compete against an entity that has been placed on a pedestal by all the women around him? It’s become a problem for Todd…..but he’s not the only one. There’s a whole support group of men out there who’re are also plagued by the Gos. They’ve banded together and are out to find a way to stop him.

The idea of taking a famous person down a peg in the eyes of the general public is nothing new. There are tons of folks out there who’d like it if certain celebs fell out of the limelight. What’s interesting here is that this is the story of a ragtag group who are in no position to do any harm to Ryan Gosling. They’re not reporters or paparazzi. They don’t have any real money to speak of. They’re just a group of goofs with low self esteem that think that taking down Gosling will make things easier with the women in their lives. So we get to see some classic comedy tropes played out by some skilled actors. Todd Campbell works as the lead because of his likeable and unassuming presence. It’s this presence that makes it easy for us to believe that an average man would follow a mysterious voice (played by Itself, at least that’s what it says in the credits) and find a group that he was destined to join. He’s the perfect window into this odd but funny adventure.

As a film fan, it’s great to see the tips of the hat to movies and pop culture sprinkled throughout, but the crowning moment out of the first four episodes would have to be the not subtle at all tribute to Jaws in Episode 3. Jonathan Llyr makes a cameo as a man called Gallagher who’s words and actions bear a striking resemblace to Robert Shaw’s Quint. Gallagher says he’ll catch Gosling for them for a price. During his speech, he talks of another heart throb and his failed quest at stopping him. It’s a great moment and is played just right. Couple that with a number of shots that have a Wes Anderson-like aesthetic and you’ve got a very interesting and entertaining series.

The final episode hits the Youtubes on July 30th, but you can check out the first four episodes right now at the End of Rope Productions channel. For those of you that want your RGMBS fix right now, check out Ep. 1 below.

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