This week, our time is split between the Bard and those Damn Dirty Apes!

Don’t miss this Friday’s show as Andrew and Mr. Green talk comics…..a particular comic actually, involving Shakespeare. The boys will be giving their thoughts and analysis on Kill Shakespeare: The Mask of Night as they speak with the series co-creator Conor McCreery. Kill Shakespeare has been a popular comic these past couple of years with it’s involvement of famous characters from the plays of William Shakespeare and this particular story will introduce another one to the KS world: Viola from Twelfth Night. But the comic is not the only new release from the brand as Kill Shakespeare will be crossing over into boardgame territory as well! Listen as Conor tells us all about the latest happenings with this IDW comic. Here’s a quick bio on Conor and Kill Shakespeare.

d42d5b81113bb63be1f2f914361503eb_largeConor McCreery has served in both creative and business positions for film and television companies, contributed over 1,000 stories and articles for media outlets and also provided expert analysis for Canada’s Business News Network.

A combination of “Fables”, “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” and “Lord of the Rings”, Kill Shakespeare offers a remixed re-envisioning of the greatest characters of all-time, featuring action, romance, comedy, lust, drama and bloody violence.  It is an adventure of Shakespearean proportions.

For more on Kill Shakespeare check out their website and be sure to listen this Friday.

But Shakespeare is not all we’ll be talking about. For four years, they fought the virus….and then spent another four years fighting each other. Now that they’ve gotten that out of the way, the remains of humanity are gonna fight with some Apes! What will happen to our fellow homo sapiens in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes? Will this film be a worthy successor to it’s predecessor? Or will the monkey business of the Tim Burton re-make rear it’s ugly head again? Find out this Friday as the guys hold nothing back.

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Will the humans have a chance against Ceasar and his crew? Find out this Friday.

Will the humans have a chance against Ceasar and his crew? Find out this Friday.