Reviewing a bleak future while checking in with some undead cheerleaders? Just another day at the office.

This week on the show, we’re a little bit sci-fi…..and little bit horror too. First up the boys are talking about the horror movie All Cheerleaders Die, currently available on most VOD and coming to DVD and Bluray July 22nd, with one of the film’s stars, Amanda Grace Cooper. Listen as they discuss this film about one girl’s attempt at high school avenging that ends up setting off a very supernatural chain of events. What kind of supernatural events? I’m guessing ones that involve dead cheerleaders. Here’s a quick bio on Amanda.

image005Actress Amanda Grace Cooper stars in the award winning horror film All Cheerleaders Die, written and directed by Lucky McKee and Chris Siverston, which made its world premiere during the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival, becoming an instant fan favourite. Amanda can also be recognized from her featured guest starring role as Maggie on the long-standing soap opera Bold and the Beautiful.

A trained drummer and dancer, Amanda spends as much time as she can perfecting her skills. She’s a lifelong vegetarian and an active animal rights supporter. Amanda is currently in the process of writing a vegan cookbook for children.

Be sure to check out All Cheerleaders Die and listen to Grace on our show this Friday.

But it’s not all pep rallies and death on our show. We’ve also got dystopian futures ahead! Everybody loves those, right? Listen as Andrew and Mr. Green give their review of Snowpiercer. Based on the french comic book, Snowpiercer takes place in a future where the world has been covered over by snow and ice and all that is left of civilization is aboard the Snowpiercer, a luxury super train that never stops. But not all aboard are living in luxury. Will this film be a runaway train of awesome? Or will it go off the rails pretty quickly? Find out this Friday as Andrew and Mr. Green are your conductor and engineer.

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Will Chris Evans keep the train on the tracks in Snowpiercer? Listen this Friday to find out!

Will Chris Evans keep the train on the tracks in Snowpiercer? Listen this Friday to find out!