This week we talk sci-fi……a whole LOT of SCI-FI!

Don’t miss this Friday’s episode of Geek Hard as Andrew and Mr. Green fulfill your need for giant monsters in space and talk of Chris Pratt….also in space. It’s a fun night of science fiction fare and we kick it off with an interview with a pair of comic creators who enjoy diversity in monster tales: Phil McClorey and Brian Evinou. These gents will be joining the boys for the entire show to talk about Monstrosity II, a comic anthololgy they’re producing (featuring a bunch of talented, comic-creating cats) that will focus on monster tales with a sci-fi slant. They’ll also be telling you about the kickstarter they’re currently running to help fund the making of this fine collection of stories. Here’s some quick info on Monstrosity II:

06e0e0043f2127aacf1c6ad65c54a05a_largeMONSTROSITY II is the follow up to last years indie anthology sensation. This volume continues the monster/horror theme of the original but this time adds a distinct sci-fi twist while holding onto all the things fans loved about the first book. Genetic abominations, robot gladiators, alien experimentation, intergalactic STD’s and a whole lot more!

Monstrosity II has over 20 heart stopping tales created by more then 40 of indie comic’s greatest young talents. Action, adventure, alien worlds, demons and devils, science fiction and fantasy all grace the pages of Monstrosity II!

Check out the campaign on Kickstarter and listen this Friday to find out more from Phil and Brian.

But the Sci-Fi don’t stop there! There’s a certain Marvel Studios film that’s hitting the cinema this week and you can be sure we’ve gots things to say about it! Listen as Andrew and Mr. Green give their review of Guardians of the Galaxy! Will this film be the epic space adventure from the House of Ideas we’ve all been hoping for? Or will it be the red headed stepchild of the Marvel Movieverse? Find out what the guys have to say this Friday.

All this, plus some talk of what went down this past weekend at SDCC ’14, right here on Geek Hard. Listen LIVE! This Friday at 7pm Eastern on the station that’s hooked on a feelin’ and high on believing that you’ll hear what they’re playin’,

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The Guardians of the Galaxy is set the take the Universe by storm, but how will it play with audiences?

The Guardians of the Galaxy is set the take the Universe by storm, but how will it play with audiences?