This Friday, you’ll know what it sounds like when fans cry.

Don’t miss this week’s show as we take a look at a big screen comic movie relaunch and give a preview for Fan Expo Canada! Let Andrew and Mr. Green be your guides through the foibles of fandom as they welcome back a former guest and long time contributor at, Brent Chittenden. Brent has written the column Fear and Loathing in Geekdom on the Geek Hard site for number of years and if you’ve read a few of his columns, you know that he is the BIGGEST fan of those heroes in a half shell, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Brent is such a big fan that he’s been DREADING the release of TMNT in theatres. Be sure to listen this Friday to hear whether or not Brent’s heart was ripped out by the Turtles latest cinematic outing. Andrew and Mr. Green will be there to give their opinions as well as pick up the piece of a potentially broken man. Will this be a fun, summer popcorn pic? Or will the curse Bay (who produced the movie) continue to destroy precious childhood memories? Find out this Friday.

tumblr_n8x5iwj34Z1qmd57go1_400But Brent isn’t the only guest we’ll hear from. The guys will also be talking with another old friend of the show, Fan Expo Canada Organizer James Armstrong. James is hard at work with his team getting everything ready for the big four day convention at the end of the summer, happening on Labour Day Weekend at the Metro Convention Centre in Toronto. What special attractions are in store for us at one of North America’s Largest Cons? Listen this Friday as we find out from the source.

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Will the Turtles be Triumphant at the Box Office? Find out this Friday.

Will the Turtles be Triumphant at the Box Office? Find out this Friday.