This week we rock out and get a bit spooked.

10532337_10152548870887954_1447534915974828759_nDon’t miss this Friday’s Geek Hard as we’ll be bringing you two guests for the price of one…..wait a second, you don’t pay to hear the show… I guess it’s just two guests then. First up, Andrew and Mr. Green will be joined by musician and Kirby Krackle front man Kyle Stevens via phone to talk about the upcoming Rock Comic Con Show happening on the opening night of the New York Comic Con. Presented in partnership with New York Super Week, Kirby Krackle will be joining the likes of Harry and the Potters, Math the Band and NYC’s own H2Awesome for a nerd rock show that will blow you away. It’s all going down on October 9th at 7pm at the Marlin Room in Webster Hall. Kyle will join us to talk about this show as well as all the other nerdy goodness he’s got going on with the Krackle. Check the Youtube vid below to hear one of Kirby Krackle’s latest songs, Dancing Baby Groot.

For more info on Kyle and Kirby Krackle, check out their website and be sure to listen to our interview this Friday.

1493461_10102302298208012_2019575848_oBut Kyle won’t be the only guest calling into the show. Also joining us via phone this Friday evening will be a previous Geek Hard guest as well as a programer for the Toronto After Dark Film Festival, Peter Kuplowsky. Peter will be on to tell all us about the lineup  screening at this year’s fest. If you’re planning on attending After Dark 2014, you are not going to want to miss this interview as we get the low down on what to expect. Prepare to get scared this Friday.


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Kyle Stevens of Kirby Krackle will be on our show this Friday to promote the New York Rock Comic Con. Don't miss it!

Kyle Stevens of Kirby Krackle will be on our show this Friday to promote the New York Rock Comic Con. Don’t miss it!