In honour of next week’s Toronto After Dark Film Festival… these are my TOP 5  MOST ANTICIPATED 2014 After Dark Films. This of course refers to movies that are screening during the festival, taking place at the Scotiabank Theatre in Toronto from October 16-24th. Each year the fest puts on a clinic in film from around the world dealing with all kinds of genre from Sci-fi to Horror… well mostly horror. If you have not a had a chance to check it out, you are missing out on one of the best festivals out there. Festival runner Adam Lopez and his team pick some of the best and most interesting films going. Over the last few years of covering the fest, we’ve seen a great selection presented including films such as sci-fi hit The Machine, post apocalyptic actioner Bounty Killer, zombie hit (and Festival audience choice winner) The Battery and last year’s festival hit, the Indian action comedy EEGA!. I haven’t even hit on the body modification or gore-fest films they played in the past. It literally has something for everyone’s tastes and to me, that’s the hallmark of a good festival. We may not always be into what’s there, which is fine, but there is bound to be something there for you if you love genre films.

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Here are the rules…

  1. Must be screening at this year’s festival
  2. Are my must see films

Sadly, while there are 19 total films playing during the festival (plus many short films) I will only be choosing my top 5 picks. This years lineup really made it difficult to choose only 5 but here we go.


This looks to be fun ride of a movie starring Kat Dennings and Matthew Gray Gubler as paranormal investigators. This is the one from the trailer that has caught my eye as the movie to make me laugh at the fest this year. I hope it doesn’t let me down.


Okay, so Tony Burgess is back with Stephen McHattie which might be McHattie’s 4,000th film this year. The man never sleeps ever. Here he plays a gravedigger that gets dragged into some weird and strange shenanigans and has to fight the nasty things he faces.


Sci-fi, check. Cool feel, check. Time travel, FUCK YEAH! I’m pinning some high hopes here for this to impress me. It stars Ethan Hawke as the time traveller and is directed by the Spierig Brothers who gave us the uneven but interesting Daybreakers.


This right here is my FILM of the fest, sight unseen. Everything I keep hearing about this film makes me want to see it and so should you. There seems to be some really cool and interesting ideas going on here for the first time in a zombie film and I really like that. I even have a screener that I can watch right now but I am saving that so I can watch it in the theatre with an audience. Mad Max meets Day of the Dead. I can’t wait for this.


Right up until I found out about Wyrmwood, this was my movie to see this year. Babadook closes the fest and many are calling it “the scariest film in years.” I know we’ve heard this before but it might truly be the case here. I love these kinds of spooky, supernatural myth stories and it looks to be a solid finish to the festival.

I also want to give honorable mention to a movie that almost made this list and that is Housebound. It looks really cool as well. See, this year even my “thanks for coming out” pick looks to be super strong too.

In the end, this really was the hardest time I have ever had in picking my pre-fest film picks. Hats off to all the programmers at Toronto After Dark Film Festival who worked so hard combing through all the entries for this year’s fest. This lineup is the best overall in the last 4 years that I have been attending.

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