(EDITOR’S NOTE: *For those that haven’t seen the following episodes, SPOILERS may be present from here on out.*)

Here we are as the new fall season continues to unfold. We have had some good shows, some bad shows and a whole bunch returning for another season, one of which is coming back for it’s 10th season on the CW. To be honest it may be the last but there is a chance it may still keep on trucking. That show is of course Supernatural.

A show that I have watched ever since it started back in 2004. A show that, like many shows, suffered from an okay pilot and a weak first season. Don’t get me wrong, there are a couple of gems in that first season but for the most part, MEH! The show really didn’t find it’s feet until near the end of that first year. When the boys finally found their father, the mythology of the show and the tone really came together. It lead to a fairly good season finale and set up for a great return in season two.

Jump forward 9 years and to where we are today. The Winchester boys have died and gone to Hell, Purgatory and Heaven during the show’s run. They have time traveled, been possessed and have made many bad choices. Hell, like many couples, they have broken up over poor communication… every season! (The only thing I don’t like about the show.) Still it continues to entertain and have fun with it’s concept.


After the events of last season we start up 6 weeks later. We learn that Dean () hasn’t become a demon, yet. That appears to be the operative word. Sam () has been chasing after Crowley () and Dean all over the country in attempts find and possibly exorcise the demon that he believes has taken over his brother. However he learns via a conversation with Crowley that this is not the case. In fact, Dean has been killing demons, well Abaddon supporters, to stop him from turning into a demon. Oh that pesky First Blade and the Mark of Cain curse working it’s way into Dean’s soul.

The episode has everything we have come to expect and love about the show. Dean being all cool with the ladies, a bad-ass fighter and a terrible karaoke singer. Crowley trying to help convert Dean to his cause so they could rule Hell together and reshape it into something better. A statement that is in many ways terrifying.

As Sam moves closer to finding Dean, he encounters car troubles. Turns out there’s somebody else looking for Dean and wants him badly enough to abduct Sam. In years previous this would have been a solid plan for the abductor but new Dean is less caring in that way. But he does promise to find him one day and kill him for his actions against Sam. There is little room for subtlety here as Dean makes it clear that he will kill him, eventually. The abductor apparently is unaware of what has happened to Dean over the last 6 weeks.


Overall, the episode is a nice set up for the season, hitting us with all the important points that need addressing. We know where each of the Winchesters are story wise. We learn where Crowley and Castiel () are after the events of last year. Basically, it’s a perfect setup for the season to come. Exactly what I was hoping we would get in this season opener.

What I am the most interested in is where Castiel’s story is going as his borrowed grace is waning. He gets a call to return to help Heaven and the Angels who have returned to get the house back in order. The interest for me is not only if he does indeed decide to help but how that will play out. Castiel has a really bad track record for these types of things.

Like I said, overall, a good opening to Supernatural season 10. I hope it continues down this path for awhile. However, this new hunter (maybe?) has me worried as he has been lackluster thus far. We shall see over the next few episodes if this is a repeat of last year’s brutal attempt at a backdoor pilot episode (“Bloodlines”) or not. This character does not fill me with much hope at all. Please Supernatural, don’t disappoint me.

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