We here at Geek Hard are always on the lookout for new and fun stuff on the web. We love it when we can find new and hilarious content to share with those of you that check out our site (the few, the strong). We love it even better when we get the chance to showcase content from friends of the show that we know you will appreciate. This next video fits all of that criteria because not only is it very funny, but it also stars (and is co-written by) former Geek Hard guest and notorious pants dropper Robin Dunne! The show is called Relationsh*t and if the title doesn’t clearly tell you the premise of the series, the picture below probably will.



The series, written by Dunne and Farrah Aviva (pictured above) is a comedy that focuses on a couple going through relationship troubles and are trying to fix the problems with therapy vlogging. This is essentially an un-romantic comedy that focuses on all the embarrasing and unflattering parts of being in a relationship (healthy or otherwise). It’s one of the projects currently competing in the CBC Comedy Coup where the winning show idea gets $500 Thousand towards producing a half hour special. We’re in the opening week of the competition and all that’s been released is a teaser trailer, but I believe that this series is one to cast a vote for. Robin says they’ve got more vids coming and this is just a taste of what to expect. You can check out the trailer below or head over to the Relationsh*t Youtube channel.



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