(EDITOR’S NOTE: *For those that haven’t seen the following episodes, SPOILERS may be present from here on out.*)

After last week’s great 200th episode, Supernatural is back with it’s regularly scheduled show.

The road so far… Dean (Jensen Ackles) starts out the year as a demon after dying last season. He and Crowley (Mark Sheppard) have a few laughs for a couple of months before Sam (Jared Padalecki) catches up with them and captures Dean. He plans on turning Dean-mon back into a full human. He succeeds in the end with some help from Castiel (Misha Collins). Now Dean is really itching to get back to working cases to keep busy and Sam is still concerned but willing to follow him for now.

Now… We learn of the death of Bunny Lacroix, a woman with a large estate, servants and money to burn. Her servants – Philip (the butler) and Collette and Olivia (the maids) – are preparing the house for the family’s arrival for the funeral and reading of the will. However it appears that Bunny may not be as dead as we were lead to believe. She has killed one of the servants for trying on her pearl necklace.

Dean finds an old cell phone belonging to Bobby that has 27 messages but only one that matters. They are invited to the reading of Bunny Lacroix’s will as Bobby was apparently  listed on it. As they arrive, they are taken aback by the opulence of the family and estate. They meet a family that is so very typical of the old mystery trope of a pack of money grubbing leaches. But Phillip the butler takes them aside and tells them that he was told by the lawyer that she left one thing to Bobby. It turns out to be a necklace they think they can pawn off for some cash. They quickly learn that the necklace is actually worthless and is only a key to something.

The boys return to the mansion to discover that while they were gone, one of the family, Bunny’s brother Stanton, was beheaded. He was killed by Lance, Bunny’s also dead husband. Sounds like ghosts are afoot in the Lacroix estate. Sam & Dean start looking for vengeful spirits and this is when the episode turns into a satirical send up of the game of Clue.

We get references to characters like Colonel Mustard, as well as objects such as a lead pipe, rope, wrench, kitchen knife, candlestick and of course, a gun. There are also hidden rooms and shenanigans as the local detective interviews each person one on one. I also have to point out the very super appropriate music for the episode. It felt like I was watching Scooby-Doo, Murder, She Wrote and Clue the Movie.


As they investigate, Dean learns that Olivia saw Bunny kill Collette. So now they believe they have the rare case of 2 vengeful spirits. They need to find Philip to ask him questions about what’s been happening at the Lacroix estate. As Dean finds Phillip in his room, Sam finds Phillip dead in the kitchen. Yup, it’s shape shifter time. The look on Dean’s face when he realizes what they are dealing with perfectly sums up his feelings toward these supernatural creatures.

Next up on the hit list is the Detective who gets his head stuffed into a toilet. Not surprisingly, the family blames Sam & Dean for the murders and locks them up in the security office. This is when Olivia, the only servant remaining, reveals herself as the murderer. She happens to be Bunny’s child who was locked up in the attic at Bobby’s insistence (he also killed her real father) because she was a shape shifter. She was the love child of an affair Bunny had years earlier with the shifter.

Sam & Dean break out of the office and chase after Olivia. The only problem is that their guns are not loaded with silver bullets so they have no chance to defeat her. Good thing Sam is only the distraction for Dean to go to the car for silver. Just when Sam is about to be killed by Olivia, Dean comes in guns a blazing and opens fire. As Sam watches, he sees Dean continue to fire at the dead body several more times. He has a look on his face that scares Sam. He tries to talk to Dean as they drive away but, like always, he wants nothing to do with the discussion.


Overall the episode had little to do with the season long arc. The only point is the end with Dean’s over zealous kill of the shifter. Otherwise, it was a nice continuation of last week’s 200th episode. The comedy was in high gear for the boys with the Clue references and one-liner jabs at the family and Phillip. However, the tone does change on a dime by the end with Dean which I can assume will lead into next week’s episode. I have seen this in the previous seasons as they craft the episodes like a mix tape. Highs and lows and tempo changes all to make the listener (or in this case viewer) follow the emotional side of the tale they are weaving for the year.

An episode like this one, with all its comedy, is always a nice breather from the dark material regularly displayed on Supernatural each week. After the season opened on a bit of a downer with Dean-mon and the chase to cure him, we got our reprieve. I just hope that we finally get some reveals on the big bad coming in the next few weeks as we go dark again. Maybe Castiel will be back too. One can hope.

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