(EDITOR’S NOTE: *For those that haven’t seen the following episodes, SPOILERS may be present from here on out.*)

After last week’s Clue-based episode, which direction did Supernatural go this week?

The road so far… Dean (Jensen Ackles) starts out the year as a demon after dying last season. He and Crowley (Mark Sheppard) have a few laughs for a couple of months before Sam (Jared Padalecki) catches up with them and captures him. He plans on turning Dean-mon back into a full human. They also run into Cole, a man who wants revenge on Dean for killing his father. Sam succeeds in the end with some help from Castiel (Misha Collins). And we are introduced to a woman who may or may not be the big bad for the season. (She does have a dead body impaled on the ceiling of a hotel room.)

Now…As Sam & Dean stop for food and check on some potential cases, Sam discovers why Dean’s phone has been going crazy. Dean has put himself on a hook up app like Tinder to meet the ladies. I guess being a demon didn’t scratch that itch for him. Sam does make fun of Dean for this and tries to warn him that the woman might not be a woman after all, until the real, “all kinds of sexy” woman walks into the bar. Dean smiles and Sam is stunned.

When Dean gets Sexy back to his room, he discovers (of course) that she is a hooker. Surprise, surprise because only hookers use apps like Tinder? Yeah okay. Dean invokes his “No ass for cash” rule but she says, “No worries, I will trade you for your soul”. BAM! Like that we have a case. A dude we assume is her pimp walks into the room for the signature only to meet face on with The Winchesters. It’s not a good day. They start asking questions about his scheme to trade souls for sex but he is killed by the hooker. Still, she does help them with the location of the brothel where they are headquartered.

We jump to another lady of the night being threatened by some dude who appears to be her boss when the woman from a few episodes back appears. She throws a ball at the first demon who is killed on the spot while the other smokes out. Click, clue number one. Turns out that she killed the demon with a hex bag as she is a witch. Oh Dean’s going to love this. She also offers to help the girls to a meal if they come along, which of course they do.

Supernatural - Girls, Girls, Girls

While this is all happening, Castiel and Hannah are still on the road. After some brief humour at Castiel’s expense, they leave the hotel to run into Hannah’s husband. With her past catching up to her like this, Hannah is freaked out by the whole experience and decides to leave her host and return to heaven. Caroline, now free of Hannah, decides to return to her husband. Castiel is alone again, at least for now.

When the boys discover that the brothel has been taken down by a witch, both are thrilled to learn about it. They love taking on witches. It might be the one supernatural bad guy they continue to hate to deal with throughout the series. They get a break when they discover that only one witch has ever been able to kill demons like that, Rowena – 300 years ago. Click, clue number two.

The demon that smoked out has returned to Hell to let Crowley know what happened at the brothel. He is less than pleased to learn of the scheme the two lower demons had cooked up. Not for of any other reason than souls for sex is tacky, gotta love Crowley. Now he has to clean up this witch problem to retain his control over Hell. Ah, politics. Even in Hell they suck. Click, clue number three.

Rowena offers to train the two prostitutes from the brothel to be witches. She wants to build her own coven to do who knows what. They have to leave the restaurant they are at when another of her spells begins to falter. While Sam & Dean continue to get closer to her. They learn she has a like for 5-star establishments.

Unfortunately Crowley’s demon goon squad gets there first and has captured Rowena and her new apprentices. As they leave, they run into the boys who of course kick ass. However Rowena recognizes the hunters when she sees them and casts another spell on one of the girls with her. She attacks the boys as Rowena and the other girl escape. Sam takes on the spell enhanced hooker while Dean goes after Rowena. He catches up to her as she is about to kill the other girl and stops her. However before he can end Rowena, he is stopped by Cole.

Supernatural - Girls, Girls, Girls

Yep he has finally caught up with Dean after torturing a demon earlier to find out more about him. He wants his pound of flesh for his father’s death. Even though Dean is no longer a demon and is once again human doesn’t matter since he killed Cole’s father when he was human. So they fight it out for a while in a scene reminiscent of the brawl in They Live. Dean finally comes out on top and tells Cole that he is going to listen to him for 5 minutes to explain his side. If after that he still wants to kill Dean, then so be it.

As Dean starts telling his story of what happened, Cole is having a hard time with some of the facts, especially since Dean claims his father was a monster, although one he had never heard of before or since. Hmmmm, odd. Regardless, Sam finally shows up after the other hooker dies from Rowena’s spell and is going to shoot Cole. Tensions run high and this is when Dean let’s loose with his big revelation for Sam that he knows how his story is going to end… at the end of gun barrel or the blade of a knife. Well, that’s uplifting. Cole finally seems to accept the truth and puts his gun down.

We cut back to Hell as Crowley learns that they have caught Rowena and she is there for his amusement. He happily walks into the room about to give speeches of dread and pain to follow when he sees Rowena and stops dead in his tracks. Click, clue number four. Rowena starts jabbering away about how she thought he would be taller, etc. Finally Crowley speaks… “Mother?”

Supernatural - Girls, Girls, Girls

So after the last few weeks of a more light hearted variety, Supernatural has come back down to a crashing jolt of heavy reality. This is, as I said last week, to be expected. They had a little fun to remind us of why we like the boys when they are having goofy Scooby-Doo troubles, but there is always the thin line that separates that from the heavy end of the world stuff that’s always present. We now have some major changes to conclude this first act of the season.

The Cole story is resolved, at least for now. I have a feeling that he will be back in some way as I believe that either his dad wasn’t a monster or that Rowena/Crowley will convince him otherwise. Yes I said Rowena/Crowley because it’s obvious that after Dean-mon’s departure, Crowley feels lonely. It was pretty clear even the first time we saw her for a few seconds on the second episode that Rowena will be the crux of the season’s villainy. We also have Castiel alone again with the current loss of Hannah. However, I of course think that she will be back soon as there needs to be more drama there between them. Plus the war in heaven isn’t quite finished as they need to rebuild after Metatron. Like I said, a lot to cover still.

Overall a good episode, mostly due to it’s slick transition from kitschy fun time storytelling into the more serious tone for the mythology episodes. It will be interesting to see Supernatural‘s funtime comedy that comes from Rowena/Crowley as we move forward.

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