This Friday, we take off to the stars…..and hope we survive.

10649626_10152809505169131_8105659017279660214_nDon’t miss this week’s episode of Geek Hard as we’ll be bringing you a review and an interview you’re not gonna want to miss. Joining us in studio will be a long time friend of the show and a talented artist – Adam Gorham. Adam has done some phenomenal work on the indie comic scene, most notably in Teuton ( a 3 part medieval graphic novel series from Big Sexy Comics). The latest issue of the Ales Kot series Zero, which features his amazing art, will be hitting comic stands on Wednesday, November 19th. Adam will be on to talk about the issue as well as the other comic work he’s been doing. Adam has chatted many a time in video interviews at cons (as seen here, here, and here) but this is his first time at the Reality Radio 101 studios! What mayhem and hijinks will abound when Adam hangs with Andrew and Mr. Green for sixty minutes with no referee? Find out this Friday.

But that’s not all! Andrew and Mr. Green have always defined themselves by the ability to overcome the impossible. This week they put that to the test as they attempt to endure a film they’ve been dreading: Interstellar. Christopher Nolan is not one of their favourites but they’ll try to put that aside as they give you their honest review. Will it surprise them or will it haunt them like a ghost that’s trying to tell them something? How many times will each of them bash Nolan? Find out as they COME BACK this Friday.

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Will Interstallar reach the heights it's reaching for? Find out our opinion this Friday.

Will Interstallar reach the heights it’s reaching for? Find out our opinion this Friday.