Welcome to the second instalment of  the Geek Hard 2014 Holiday Gift Guide. This is where we help you find the perfect gift for the geeks in your life. We’ve got gifts ranging from the cheap to the really expensive. Last week, Mr. Green showed you some gifts under $300. This week, I show you a few more gifts in that price range. Here are some perfect gifts for the nerdy couch potato in your life who would like nothing better than to watch and read his or her way through the holiday season. Check it out. Who knows, one of these items may be under your tree right now.

More Gifts Less than $300


51LGrM5dxoL Ms. Marvel Volume 1: No Normal TP – $15.99

Everybody has given this new Marvel series much deserved praise as it’s the first title to capture the “fangirl become superhero” story right. Kamala Khan is this generation’s Peter Parker. After the Terrigen mists of the Inhumans inhabit the streets of New Jersey, Kamala finds herself with abilities that she can’t explain. So she does the only thing she can do: become Jersey City’s new protector and try to live up to her hero, Captain Marvel. This is the gift that will make someone feel MARVELOUS! (Too much?)



fig,asphalt,mens,ffffff.u2 DYAD Institute Unisex T-Shirt – $28.76

The perfect clothing to to wear while kickin’ back and enjoying the battle between science spooks and religious fanatics on Orphan Black. No member of the Clone Club should be without their very own DYAD institute tee.


71x6eb38QvL Lazarus Book 1 Hardcover $34.99

Probably one of the best comic series of the past few years, this dystopian future tale of a world controlled by the richest families in the world is a great gift for the comic fan looking for something that’s no capes but high action. Greg Rucka and Michael Lark got the goods and so does this hardcover, collecting the first two story arcs. Follow the story of Forever Carlyle as she tries to uncover the truth about her family. It’s a book that entertains and makes you think….if you’re into that sort of thing.



STK658837 Morning Glories, Vol. 1 Compendium TP – $59.99

What’s the story, Morning Glory? That’s what they’ll be asking when the comic fan in your life finishes reading this 38 issue trade paperback. Dubbed  “Lost meets Runaways”, this book follows the trials and tribulations of the chosen few who have been accepted into the hallowed halls of Morning Glory Academy. But it’s more than just a prep school. There’s murder, conspiracy, super powers and time travel afoot. You want to excite, frustrate and blow someone’s mind all at the same time? You get ’em this book.



28114922_614 Movie Reel Accent Table – $74.95

While you’re sitting on the couch, enjoying a binge watch of a classic film boxset or devouring a Criterion Blu-ray or two, it’s nice to have a spot to keep your snacks. What better place than this cool side table? It does the job it was intended for and shows off your cinephile style all in one shot.





macho-man-dvd-2 Macho Man: The Randy Savage Story Collector’s Edition Box Set – $84.99

OH YEAH! One of the most entertaining wrestlers of his day who’s life ended far too soon. Relive the life of the Macho Maniac with this box set collecting two DVDs, one on the life of Randy and the other on his greatest matches, along with a pair sunglasses, bandana and t-shirt. DIG IT!


813ngTwSRhL._SL1500_Fox Searchlight Pictures: 20th Anniversary Collection Blu-ray – $123.99

How ’bout that Fox Searchlight, eh? They sure do have a lot of hits under their belt. Slumdog Millionaire, 12 Years a Slave, Juno. Know someone who wants to own ALL of these hits? Now you know what to get them. Be warned, both Garden State and 500 Days of Summer are here too. Sorry.


81RAzkEfwVL._SL1500_ Batman: The Complete Television Series Limited Edition Blu-ray – $174.99

Holy Limited Edition Blu-ray, Batman! For the first time, this classic swinging 60s take on the Caped Crusader is available in a new Blu-ray collection. If there was a series that screamed for a release in high def, it’s this one. Give it to the old chum on your list.


61rP7HJoxtL 75 Years of Marvel Comics: From the Golden Age to the Silver Screen Hardcover – $200.00

Marvel turned 75 this year and their old bones are still kicking up a storm. This coffee table book gives the history of the House of Ideas in all it’s resplendent glory. From the birth of Timely Comics to Marvel’s current dominance at the box office. This book may be as heavy as Thor’s hammer, but all you have to be to be deemed worthy is a hardcore Marvel fan.



Full_Series-shot The Wonder Years – Complete Series DVD Boxset – $249.95

Something I have been waiting years for has finally come. You can now get the complete series of The Wonder Years on DVD, with all the original music and everything! Like alot of you reading this column, I grew up with Kevin Arnold and the gang and can’t wait to check out this set. If you don’t have someone on your list who would want this, buy it for me. I’ll make sure it gets a good home.

So there you go. Some cool gift ideas for this festive season. Next week, Mr. Green returns with his super pricey gift list for all you geeks with fat wads of cash.

If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!


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