In the world of indie comics, one of the greatest assets in recent years has been the Kickstarter campaign. If you’ve been to this site (or pretty much any website that covers comics) in the past couple of years, you already know that Kickstarter is a crowdfunding site where folks can present their projects and ask for contributions to help make that project a reality, giving the contributors incentives in return. In most cases, it’s the finished product. The comic world has seen many a graphic novel birthed into existence in this fashion. It’s a process that takes dedication, a strong belief in your idea, and a public willing to see the value in what you have to offer. This site has had the opportunity to cover more than a few successful campaigns, including the Jewish Comix Anthology produced by AH Comics Inc. Our interest was piqued when they annouced their latest campaign for Moonshot: The Indigenous Comics Collection.

Moonshot is a 200 page collection featuring original comic book/graphic novel styled short stories from indigenous writers and artists across North America. This includes Metis, First Nations, Inuit, Aboriginal, Cree and more. Edited by Hope Nicholson (who’s had Kickstarter successes of her own with the reprint projects of Canadian Golden Age comics Nelvana of the Northern Lights and Brok Windsor), this collection will combine traditional stories and exciting new tales of the future with a focus on the rich heritage of indigenous peoples. The traditional stories included are done so with the permission of the elders from their respective communities so the authenticity of this publication will unlike anything else that has been printed before.

Only a small bit of artwork has been released thus far but if the cover below is any indication, we’re in for something breathtaking.

dba35c723160c50466498548b10021dd_largePainted by Cree artist Stephen Gladue, the cover is “based on a  traditional Cree dancer with crow motif embellishments.” In many indigenous communities, the crow is a strong symbol, representing the power to speak and the spirtual storyteller. How fitting for a book that is all about passing on stories from a number of great creators, such as:

900e948d616e6f604918f1b182f94e2f_largeClaude St-Aubin
Jeffery Veregge
Haiwei Hou
Nicholas Burns
Scott B. Henderson
Jon Proudstar
George Freeman
Mark Shainblum
Elizabeth LaPensee
Buffy Sainte-Marie
Richard Van Camp
Ryan Huna Smith
David Robertson
Steve Sanderson
Michael Yahgulanaas
Michael Sheyahshe
David Cutler
And More!


The Kickstarter Campaign for Moonshot: The Indigenous Comics Collection is running until January 13th and is offering some great incentives for those who contribute. Some of the incentives include copies of the collection in digitial, paperback and limited edition hardcover formats, postage stamps, and art prints and canvas artwork like the one pictured above – “Water Spirit” by Haiwei Hou. Based on the creative team involved and the images already released, I can see this being a beautiful piece of comic art and history that any comic fan would be proud to have in their collection. Support Moonshot today at the link below. If you can’t support right now, spread the word.


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