(EDITOR’S NOTE: *For those that haven’t seen the following episodes, SPOILERS may be present from here on out.*)

After last week’s episode, which direction did Supernatural go this week?

The road so far… Dean (Jensen Ackles) starts out the year as a demon after dying last season. He and Crowley (Mark Sheppard) have a few laughs for a couple of months before Sam (Jared Padalecki) catches up with them and captures Dean. He plans on turning Dean-mon back into a full human. Sam succeeds in the end with some help from Castiel (Misha Collins) who is still trying to find his footing after his run in with Metatron and reconnecting with Jimmy Novak’s daughter Claire. However Dean after trying to get rid of the Mark has decided to give in and fight the Mark himself the only way he knows how. And we are introduced to a woman who looks to be the big bad for the season and Crowley’s mother. She is a 400+ yr old witch who has no love for anyone but herself, lucky for Crowley.

Now… Convicted murderer Tommy Tolliver waits on death row for his execution. Even after threatening a guard’s wife, he is getting no satisfaction when things start going sideways as a stranger appears in the prison and goes to Tommy’s cell. The guards are unaware of what is happening. Turns out the stranger is Cain () and he has come for a settling of debts with Tommy. Sam & Dean get wind of the the disappearance of Tommy and go to investigate due to his strange disappearance from a locked prison cell without anyone noticing him leaving. When they finally get to see security video of the stranger, Dean recognizes Cain right away.

An effort to get a hold of Castiel proves fruitless at first since he is torturing a low level demon for info on the whereabouts of Cain. Castiel gets a location where he’s last been seen and goes to investigate. When he arrives, he finally calls Dean to let him know that he is standing in a field of dead bodies created by Cain. He hangs up as he senses Cain’s arrival. They have a little chat about what he’s been up to. He reveals to Castiel that he got his bloodlust back and decided that he is going to wipe out his entire line. It’s not much, just every 1 in 10 humans on Earth make up his descendants. He goes on to tell Castiel that he isn’t on the list and that he will deal with Dean but not yet. And just like that, Cain is gone.

Castiel fills Sam & Dean in on Cain’s overall plan to kill off his line. They begin to look into how to catch Cain, to see if he can be reasoned with again or if he need to be dealt with. When they discover that Tolliver has an estranged son, they decide to use him to help captured Cain. This way Dean can do what needs to be done. Cain told him that one day it would come to this, between the two of them. So with a plan in motion, Dean calls Crowley for the First Blade.


Sam, Dean & Castiel are unaware of Rowena’s Machiavellian plots against Crowley in Hell. His mother is playing him like a fiddle, manipulating him into doing things her way. This is of course all to get him to help her take out the head of the Grand Coven who has come to America for her. She continues to play on Crowley’s insecurities as the King of Hell when she discovers he is going to run off and help Dean first. This will all pay off by the end of the episode.

Everyone gathers at the farm where Tolliver’s son is staying for the coming fight. Crowley is not impressed with the plan and wants to make some suggestions. He holds the First Blade until Cain is locked down so Dean doesn’t go nuclear again. When they manage to catch Cain in a devil’s trap, Dean gets the Blade and goes for his tete a tete with Cain. He tries to convince Cain to give it up but he likes the feeling of killing again. So fight time. It’s obvious Cain is kicking Dean’s ass the entire fight. He has more experience and he is still a Knight of Hell so he has more than enough demon powers to deal with Dean. It’s not until the fight looks lost that Dean changes the tide and manages to defeat Cain and kill him. But not before Cain tells Dean his future… he will kill Crowley first because, well, it’s only Crowley. Next he will kill Castiel and that will solidify his turn to the Mark. Last, he will kill Sam and will then be just like Cain – out of control and a slave to the Mark and it’s desire for murder.


Dean walks away from the fight shaken, but instead of keeping his word to Crowley, he lies again and gives the Blade to Castiel for safe keeping. Crowley is pissed by this betrayal and lack of trust shown by Dean. He returns to Hell to find Rowena about to leave as she makes a final play on his emotions to get him on board with her. By the time she finishes, she has him sewn up and is ready to go. His realization that Dean will never trust him and will one day kill him is what was needed to push him toward her.


Back at the bunker, Sam, Dean & Castiel are winding down after the drain that the fight with Cain was. Dean tells them he’s fine and leaves the room after Castiel tells him the Blade is safe but doesn’t tell him where it’s being kept. Sam then tells Castiel that Dean is in trouble and needs their help.

After so much needed levity of the last few episodes, we are back on track with dramatic mythology episode. The only disappointment for me was that Cain is now gone. I like the actor and the character quite a bit, but you have to go where the story takes you. It makes total sense to kill Cain and leave Dean with no hope and the mind fuck that he will kill the only three people he seems to care for. Yes, even Crowley.

The show was actually a pretty decent outing for it’s spring break finale. This is building towards some interesting storylines as we make the push for the season finale. The performance by Omundson was great again but not as impressive as his appearance last season. Still solid work. Mark Sheppard continues to kill as he explores Crowley’s mommy issues and his desire to be friends with Dean.

Another shitty thing is having to wait a month for it’s return in March following Arrow. iZombie makes it’s debut after The Flash on Tuesday March 17th, forcing the move of Supernatural to Wednesday for the back half of the season. It makes the Tuesday/Wednesday of The CW really strong for fans of genre shows. Also, Supernatural has moved all over The CW schedule during it’s 10 year run, being on every night, Monday to Friday, during that time. Not one of these moves has ever hurt the ratings of the show. Not surprising since it’s sports a rather loyal fan base. Plus, the stories have been relatively solid for the 10 seasons. Sure, there are misses along the way, but the show is really good at knowing what it is and what its fans like to watch each week, even if that means taking a few jabs at itself and the devotion of said fans from time to time.

Next Episode: Wed Mar. 18th 9:00 PM on the CW “The Things They Carried”It’s only a month away and on a new day. Besides, it’s that time of year again.

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