This week, we look at the future of gaming…….in 2025!

795bbaa1-8c82-4b57-bbb1-a26e26ae7b28Don’t miss this Friday’s show as your favourite geeks return to after a one week hiatus for a live show that’s aiming to be as fun and unpredictable as ever! (Producer’s Note: fun and lack of predictability are not guaranteed. That’s just what we’re aiming for).

This time around, Andrew and Mr. Green will be taking a look at Haphead, a new web series that currently invading the interwebs with some cyber sci-fi goodness. Joining them via phone will be the star of Haphead, Elysia White. Elysia will be on to give us the skinny on the making of this production and what to expect in the remaining episodes. Here’s a quick synopsis on the show:


Haphead is the story of a girl who’s literally empowered by videogames.

Ten years from now, a new haptic peripheral makes videogames so immersive that people learn skills just by playing. Maxine makes less than minimum wage at the factory where they make them, so she decides to become an unofficial beta tester by stealing one for herself. At home, her favorite rabbit-ninja game gets a whole lot more punishing, with the haptic feedback loop beating lethal skills into her muscle memory. Which is good: she needs to level up quick once her employer discovers her on-the-job theft.

Luckily, she’s not alone. There are other hapheads out there, with a variety of game-trained abilities. But while some of them are kindreds, one of them brings death….

For more info on Haphead, check out the trailer below, go to the website to watch episodes of the series and be sure to listen to the show this Friday for our interview with Elysia.

But that’s not all. The guys will also be giving their review of Whiplash,  which comes to DVD, Blu-ray and VOD this Tuesday (February 24th). You know Whiplash, aka that little film that won J.K. Simmons an oscar? Find out if Andrew and Mr. Green are hip to the jazz or if it’s not their tempo this Friday.

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Whiplash comes to DVD this week. Find out if the guys like the tune they’re playing.