logo-transSo the Toronto ComiCON is this weekend! Are you ready? Oh sure, you’ve got the cash that will be needed and you’re going to bed early on Thursday night to be well rested for Friday, but are you READY?! The biggest problem that many convention goers have is that they don’t enter the show with a game plan. This causes them to miss out on some pretty cool stuff. Not all the action in on the convention floor. There’s panels and special events too! Some of these events have “once in a life time” moments. Moments that if you miss ‘em, you may regret not being there for the REST OF YOUR LIFE! Okay, maybe I’m being a little dramatic but I just want what’s best for you. I want you, dear reader, to get the best Toronto ComiCON experience you possibly can. I’m here to help.

Below you’ll find a list of suggestions for panels and workshops that we here at Geek Hard think you should be checking out. You don’t have to take our advice but I wouldn’t risk it if I were you. So take a look at the list and start planning now. Live your Con with no regrets.


KillJoys_Logo400x400INNERSPACE LIVE WITH KILLJOYS SPECIAL GUESTS – Saturday @ 1PM in Room 801

Wanna hear all about a new sci-fi series that’s premiering on SPACE later this year and get to meet one of the stars and the writer/creator of the show? Well this is the panel for you. Join the hosts of InnerSpace (Morgan Hoffman, Ajay Fry and that bastard Teddy Wilson) as they sit down with actor Aaron Ashmore (he was that Jimmy Olsen guy on Smallville, right?) and showrunner Michelle Lovretta (known for Lost Girl) to talk about the upcoming series Killjoys.

If you like hard sci-fi with spaceships and laser beams and social commentary, you’ll want to hear more about this program. Ashmore plays one of 3 bounty hunters who’re chasing down deadly warrants in a galaxy on the brink of an interplanetary class war. Find out more at what sounds to be an awesome panel.



That’s not the only sci-fi series with a special presentation at the show. Those pesky InnerSpace hosts have yet another panel on Saturday, this time with cast members from Orphan Black. Season 3 of the hit show is just around the corner (Orphan Black returns Saturday, April 18th!) so you’re not going to want to miss this panel featuring Kevin Hanchard (Art), Kristian Bruun (Donny) and Ari Millen (Mark……and more?).

The Clone Club will be in session at Toronto ComiCon. What juicy bits of info will the boys let slip on Saturday. Be at the panel to find out.


emily_strikes_back400x400EMILY STRIKES BACK – LIVE PERFORMANCE OF A PLAY ABOUT FANDOM – Saturday @ 5pm in Room 803

This one really piques my interest. It’s a play about fandom set in 1980 that follows 4 friends as they hit the local theatre to take in The Empire Strikes Back on the Big Screen. But all is in jeopardy when one of the fans’ ex-girlfriend, Emily, decides to make her return into his life. Will her appearance destroy the night or will the power of the force prevail? It’s great to get a bit of theatre into your ComiCon experience.

And when it’s a play that features fans of Star Wars, Star Trek and The Muppets, who’s gonna complain about getting a little bit of culture in their life? The show must go on….and it shall on Saturday at 5pm.


11636589245_1e28e97327BLOOR TAKEOVER: THE CYBERTRONIC SPREE – Saturday @ 9pm off site at The Bloor Cinema

While the play mentioned above will cover a lot of fandom, there’s one contingent of fans that I think will be more than happy to get out of the convention centre and make their way up to Bloor Street. Those who appreciate their Transformers will be heading to the Bloor Cinema for some entertainment that is more than meets the eye.

It all begins at 9pm with a screening of the 1986 classic animated feature, Transformers: The Movie. Following the show, The Cybertronic Spree (the ultimate Transformers: The Movie soundtrack cover band) takes the stage for a little movie Q&A and a rocking performance with enough excitement to fill 10,000 energon cubes. Tickets are still available. Check it all out on the Bloor Cinema Website. Roll out!


bitten logoINNERSPACE LIVE WITH BITTEN SPECIAL GUESTS – Sunday @ 2pm in Room 801

The InnerSpace crew is at it again as they sit down with some of the Bitten cast to chat about the goings on of the current season. Join the Wolf Pack for some rousing stories from Greg Bryk (winner of this year’s Geek Hard Guest of the Year award) and Steve Lund as well as new cast members Tommie-Amber Pirie and Tammy Isbell (witches Paige and Ruth) as they give you the scoop. There might be a few claw marks and a spell or two when all is said and done.


Resenha019A HISTORY OF G.I. JOE WITH LARRY HAMA & ROBERT ATKINS – Sunday @ 3pm in Room 803

Yo Joe! Join two great creators for some talk about one of the best fandoms there is: G.I. Joe! Larry Hama is the godfather of the Joe team as there would be no modern era without him. He ushered in the 80s revamp of the franchise (with the smaller action figures and fight against Cobra) and is still writing the Joes’ adventures to this day.

Robert Atkins is the man who’s provided great artwork for a number of Joe series that have been produced by current publisher, IDW, including the acclaimed Snake Eyes series written by Chuck Dixon. Come see them drop some Joe knowledge and show you how knowing is truly half the battle!


So these are our picks on what you should be checking out at this year’s Toronto ComiCON. These are just some of the panels and events out there. For a full schedule, check it out at the Toronto ComiCon website. Hope to see you all there.

If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!

Don't miss the Cybertronic Spree this Saturday night at the Bloor Cinema. It's just one of the many cool events that are part of the 2015 Toronto ComiCon.

Don’t miss the Cybertronic Spree this Saturday night at the Bloor Cinema. It’s just one of the many cool events that are part of the 2015 Toronto ComiCon.