This Friday’s show got a little bigger and better!

Joining us this Friday via phone will be the one and only Rick Howland, better known to some as Trick on Lost Girl! The hit fantasy series returned to t.v. last Friday for it’s final run of episodes and Rick will be on to talk about his experiences from 5 seasons on the show. Here’s a quick bio on Rick:

434391.1Howland began with improvisation and an excellent acting teacher. He then spent a few years at a few universities before landing his first gig in a feature film. While at York University he formed the comedy troupe the “Four Strombones”. The Strombones performed in comedy clubs around Toronto, Canada, for more than a decade as well as creating a very successful fringe show in 1994. He has hosted comedy shows as well as dabbled in standup comedy. He co-wrote a sit-com called “Rick’s Life with Adam Nashman”, an industry-based show that offers up the funny through Rick’s own unique perspective.

As a songwriter Rick has been at it since he was seventeen. He spent most of those years practicing and writing on his own. Howland has two self-recorded albums.

For more on Rick, catch our interview this Friday.

But that’s not all! We’ll also be talking with InnerSpace host Morgan Hoffman about her time at Star Wars Celebration as well as what’s upcoming on SPACE. On top of that, we’ll be giving our review of Everly, directed by Joe Lynch and starring Salma Hayek, which made it’s way to home video this past Tuesday. A lot of fun is in store!

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Rick Howland calls in this Friday to chat about the final episodes of Lost Girl. Don't miss it.

Rick Howland calls in this Friday to chat about the final episodes of Lost Girl. Don’t miss it.