We’ve never tried to hide it. Geek Hard is at war with InnerSpace. But for some reason, we keep shooting interviews with them. Maybe it’s because we believe in the belief that you should “Keep you’re friends close and your enemies closer”. It could also be because we want to show how we are the true professionals in this rivalry. Either way, Andrew spars with Teddy Wilson and Mr. Green throws down with Ajay Fry in another fine verbal joust. And watch til the very end for an appearance by the awesome Morgan Hoffman and a special post credits Easter Egg.

If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!

Mr. Green pokes fun at Ajay's signature skinny tie in Geek Hard's latest round with InnerSpace.

Mr. Green pokes fun at Ajay’s signature skinny tie in Geek Hard’s latest round with InnerSpace.