Hello Again Readers! Today we venture into the strange and addictive world of fiction through another great work from Titan Books. Imagine a world where magic is real, the creatures of your nightmares do exist and the one that you love most in the world is missing, pulling you into this world of madness, torture and the apocalypse. Can one teenage boy make it through the dark and twisted dangers to save the world and the girl he loves? Let’s take a look into the strange and delightfully dark world of Charlie Human’s Apocalypse Now Now.

Our story begins with Baxter, the leader of a gang called the Spider that deals porn throughout his high school in Cape Town, South Africa. Cape Town’s plight is that it is also the home to the Mountain killer, a serial killer that butchers his victims and leaves their remains with an eye carved in their foreheads. Baxter’s problems consist of keeping his business a float while the two major rival gangs battle it out for the remaining territory of the school and his very vivid nightmares and visions filled with destruction, massacre and genocide. Things really become serious when his girlfriend, Esme, is abducted from her bedroom with a huge carved eye in one of the walls and a strange glowing animal tooth on floor by her dresser. Fearing the worst, Baxter hires supernatural bounty hunter Jackson Ronin to help him find her and bring her home. Together the two of them must journey through the strange, bizarre and frightening underworld of the supernatural. Will Ronin and Baxter find Esme alive? Will Ronin be able to help Baxter determine where and what the creatures are that left the glowing tooth? And will Baxter be able to interrupt, understand and use his nightmares/visions to help him escape the looming Apocalypse?

Right from the beginning this book had my interest. It is without a doubt the strangest and most compelling story I have ever read. Baxter as a main character is likeable but also has a dark side.  He is a teenager that has the same ambitions, desires and emotions of a socio-path, but as you experience what he’s going through, you see that he does have a heart and does care about something other than himself. His multiple personalities constantly arguing with one another and his visions/dreams are very interesting and creative, but also relatable. Readers can identify with the different emotions, pains and general confusion that Baxter is going through, questioning what is real love and who in your life can you really trust? As I stated above, the story itself is so strange and interesting you just want to keep reading to see what will happen next and what strange creatures/situations will cross Baxter’s path. It is so compelling and entertaining, readers will constantly ask themselves “Is this really happening right now?” and “How weird will this story get?” There is also the element of myth and cultural story telling mixed in through Baxter’s dreams; giving the reader something to puzzle over as they are pulled deeper into the plot. I also really loved the pop culture references throughout the book. They really added to Baxter’s character; making him even more relatable. This novel is a wild ride filled with excitement, danger, weird creatures, myth, supernatural forces, monsters and love.

If you’re looking for a story filled with a strange adventure, supernatural creatures, entertaining characters, magic, bizarre hidden places and apocalyptic danger, then this is the novel for you.  Apocalypse Now Now is a weird and entertaining novel that will keep you glued to its pages.  I can’t wait to read the sequel, Kill Baxter.

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Apocalypse Now Now is available NOW through Titan Books.