This Friday got a whole lot more cool for all the film nerds listening.

Joining us this Friday via phone will be producer Raj Panikkar, one of the creators of Reelside, a new show on The Movie Network and Movie Central that turns the lens back on the filmmaker. Raj will be on to discuss the documentary series and give us an in depth look into the various episodes covering the current crop of science fiction tv shows, the superhero craze, and more. Here’s a quick bio on Raj:

Headshot_RajRaj is an award-winning Toronto based producer. With Fifth Ground Entertainment (formerly Georgian Entertainment), he associate produced the half-hour comedy series “Rent-A-Goalie” for Showcase (three multiple Gemini nominated seasons), and co-produced “The Rawside Of…” (nominated for two Gemini Awards in 2009), a music documentary series for IFC for which he oversaw development, production, post and distribution. Raj has written several films, including the OMDC Calling Card project “Safe”. He also wrote and directed “Day of the Carp” which won the Best Screenplay award at the New York I.I.F.V Festival in 2000. Raj has won several other awards such as the Nick Holeris Memorial Scholarship Award for excellence in screenwriting.

To find out more about Reelside, check out the latest episode, premiering Thursday, June 25 at 9PM EST on The Movie Network, and be sure to listen to our interview with Raj this Friday.

Plus we’ve still got a review of TED 2 coming your way as well as music from My Giants . It’s going to be a pretty big show with tons to talk about. Be sure to listen LIVE! This Friday, June 26th, at 7PM Eastern on the station that puts the real in reality (I guess that makes sense), Don’t miss it!

If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!

We talk Superheroes, Sci-Fi, Filmmaking and more this Friday!

We talk Superheroes, Sci-Fi, Filmmaking and more this Friday!