This isn’t the first time I’ve said this but it seems that the world of pop culture is in a dark place currently, focusing on the doom and gloom that’s around every corner. With Terminator making his way back to the box office and shows like Humans on AMC, it’s safe to say that advancing technology is a popular story point in current fiction. This is no surprise seeing as how our present state of living depends heavily on computers. It’s this relationship with technology that’s the focus of the latest album from rapper More or Les, Post Millennium Tension. Produced by Montreal’s Recordface, this 8-track EP takes a look at peoples’ addiction to portable devices like tablets and smartphones, internet privacy, taking a time out from tech and even a tribute to Gene Roddenberry.

Starting off with a 53 second intro that sets the stage with classic “computer” samples, the album is strong out of the gate with the bouncy End of the World that lays out all of Les’ gripes with technology, asking questions that all of us have probably asked ourselves.

It’s followed up by Scotch Tape which delves into the problems of private data and personal information online, pointing out how we give away large amounts of information and give permission to this info on a regular basis just be being lazy, checking boxes without reading the fine print, or talking publicly on social media about matters that should be kept private. Smart rhymes backed up by a wet and murky beat.

The subject of privacy continues with Snowden, a track that’s obviously about US whistle blower Ed Snowden but so much more. In Heads Down, Les observes how much we love to bury our faces in portable electronic devices – cellphones and tablets. Comparing it to how Zartan from G.I. Joe would camouflage himself so no one can see him, he questions if this gives us the illusion of being invisible to those around us.

Finally, GeeArr features Backburner crew mate Timbuktu in a tribute to the creator of Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry. Droppin’ multiple Trek references, the pair praise Roddenberry for his positive contributions as a futurist and talk about each person’s responsibility to use technology for the advancement of mankind. Backed by a soulful and catchy hook, Les’ and Timbuktu end off the EP with a positive and uplifting message.

While the title of the album does sound like the songs would focus on the doom and gloom of society, More Or Les’ opinions skew more to the positive side than can be seen at first glance. While he does focus on his negative feelings towards tech-related problems, most of the problems outlined are with how the technology is used and not the tech itself. Corporate greed and human ignorance are the real villains. Les believes in the importance of using computers without abusing others. It’s a simple distinction that can easily be overlooked if you’re not paying proper attention.

As always, the nerdy references are in full swing as Les peppers various references to sci-fi and cartoons in a number of tracks. Recordface does a great job of giving him great beats to rhyme over. From start to finish, the album has your attention. If you’re a fan of More Or Les, or if you like music that explores man’s relationship with technology, check out Post Millennium Tension from Hand’Solo Records.

Post Millennium Tension is available now at Bandcamp.

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Take a listen to Post Millennium Tensions and get your tech on with More Or Les 7 Recordface

Take a listen to Post Millennium Tensions and get your tech on with More Or Les 7 Recordface