This week’s show is all about the music!

Don’t miss this Friday’s episode of Geek Hard where we will be joined by cartoonist, writer and musician Peter Chiykowski. Peter is the creator of the web comic Rock, Paper, Cynic and releases music under the same name. He’ll be on to tell us about his first album, Borken Telephone, which he is currently crowd funding on Kickstarter. Here’s a quick bio on Peter.

EditsPeter-Shirt_-2Peter Chiykowski is an award-winning cartoonist, musician, writer and editor. He’s mostly known for Rock, Paper, Cynic, his webcomic about celebrating the things that make the world an interesting place. His work won him the Aurora Award for Best Graphic Novel in 2014, and now The HMS Bad Idea, Peter’s first book of comics, is available in places that will take your money and give you stupid cartoons instead. The book debuted at the #1 new graphic novel anthology on the Amazon international bestseller list. Huzzah!

When he’s not making comics, Peter is usually writing new songs about grown-up things like having a crush on the National Security Agency or taking Netflix as a monogamous lover. His first album of music, Borken Telephone, is currently on Kickstarter.

For more info on the Kickstarter campaign, check out the website and be sure to listen this Friday as we chat with him about Borken Telephone.

But that’s not all! Geek Hard goes to the movies once again to see Straight Outta Compton, the new biopic on legendary hip hop artists N.W.A. Will this be an interesting, take-no-prisoners retrospective? Or will it fluff over the real story? Find out when we take a look this Friday.

All this, plus a few surprises, right here on Geek Hard. Be sure to LISTEN LIVE! This Friday at 7pm on the station where the telephone is never broken (but some of the other equipment just might be),

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Will Straight Outta Compton be a hit? Find out what Andrew and Mr. Green have to say this Friday.

Will Straight Outta Compton be a hit? Find out what Andrew and Mr. Green have to say this Friday.