Hello Readers! It is time once again to venture into the fantastic world of Sherlock Holmes. Many of you may remember from my review of the miniseries Sherlock Holmes VS Harry Houdini, that I am a very big fan of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s work and thoroughly enjoy his many characters. This time we will be looking at a standalone tale that focuses on the beginnings of Mycroft Holmes; Sherlock’s older brother. Through this novel released through Titan Books, we see the untold story of adventure that paints a back story for the well known character of Mycroft. With that said, let us dive into Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Anna Waterhouse’s Mycroft Holmes.

Our story begins with a young Mycroft Holmes working for the British Government, newly engaged to his sweetheart Georgina Sutton and great friends with Cyrus Douglas. But when Cyrus hears reports from back home in Trinidad of strange disappearances, mysterious footprints and haunting deaths of children rumoured to be found drained of blood by the work of spirits, Georgina (originally raised in Trinidad) immediately travels back home leaving Mycroft confused and worried. At a lost, Mycroft and Cyrus embark on a journey after Georgina to discover the truth behind not only the strange circumstances awaiting them, but also the mysterious behaviour of Mycroft’s beloved Georgina. Will Mycroft and Cyrus be able to find Georgina and will they be able to discover what is really causing so much death and destruction in Trinidad?

This book was incredibly fun and entertaining to read. As stated above I am a big fan of Sherlock Holmes and was immediately drawn to a story that focused on a character from that world that is normally in the background. Yes, Mycroft has been in many of Sherlock’s adventures, but it was truly interesting to see who he was before he was just Sherlock’s older brother. We get to see his beginnings within his job working for the government, his relationship with Sherlock as a teenager and his love life with Georgiana.

These insights paint a better picture to how he becomes the man we’ve read about before and enjoy reading within Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s original stories. What I really liked was how Abbul-Jabbar and Waterhouse reflect how witty and deductive Mycroft is. In some adaptations of Sherlock Holmes, Mycroft is portrayed as the lesser of the two Holmes brothers in academics and behavioural intelligence. In this story you see that Mycroft is very much like Sherlock; having a photographic memory, noting others people’s ticks and behaviours and using his vast knowledge to figure out the strange circumstances surrounding him.

The relationships in this novel are enthralling and engaging to the reader. The relationship between Mycroft and Cyrus Douglas is enduring. Throughout the story they work together to get to Trinidad, find Georgiana and solve the mysterious case very much like Sherlock and Watson would in the original stories. They complement each other so beautifully, making a great team and hilarious partnership. Several times throughout this novel I found myself laughing at their witty banter and lighthearted jabs at one another. Their friendship is so true and enjoyable to read because of how much they truly mean to one another.

The relationship between Sherlock and Mycroft is also fascinating because of how well it is represented. Seeing these characters a lot younger than they are in the original stories illustrates how they behave towards each other when they are adults. It was interesting to see Sherlock as a teenager still in school and still learning to hone his skills at observation and deduction. He is looking up to Mycroft as someone who knows more of the world and has experienced more, which is a very different attitude and side to Sherlock. I liked how Mycroft provides this element of wisdom that Sherlock has not fully acquired yet, but is learning. My favourite scene between them was during the boxing lesson. It was a very entertaining and an interesting way to show the brotherly connection between them.

Lastly, the relationship between Mycroft and Georgina is unpredictable and presented differently than most romantic relationships. This aspect of the story challenges the norm and is very compelling. Readers will be drawn in by Georgina because of how complex she is and how her character affects Mycroft.

The mysterious disappearances and haunting deaths of the children in Trinidad is intense and highly engaging. The atmosphere of the case is frightening and constantly pulling you into the story, having you desperately searching alongside Mycroft and Cyrus. Attention grabbing descriptions full of detail support the actions of the characters and make a fantastic read.

If you are looking for a mystery with suspenseful action, charming characters, fascinating relationships and fun twists and turns, then this is the novel for you. Mycroft Holmes is a fun read with great insight into a character we’ve seen before but never got the chance to know. Fans of Sherlock Holmes will love this story and new comers to the world of Holmes will really enjoy this stand-alone novel. I recommend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Anna Waterhouse’s Mycroft Holmes to anyone who enjoys a good mystery with very humorous and interesting characters.

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