This past weekend saw the end of another edition of the Toronto International Film Festival……but it ain’t over until we say it’s over.

1016556_10102354466172992_846012879_nDon’t miss this Friday’s show where we’ll be giving you our annual TIFF Wrap-up. Joining us to in studio to help us with this will be’s own Will Perkins. Will was in the trenches for this year’s fest and he’ll be on hand to tell us about the best and worst of the event. What film was a surprise hit? What film was an incredible disappointment? Be sure to listen this Friday as Will helps us dissect TIFF with a thorough post mortem.

But Will won’t be the only one reviewing TIFF films. Andrew and Mr. Green got a chance to check out The Missing Girl, which screened as part of the Vanguard program at the fest. The Missing Girl is the story of an emotionally stunted comic shop owner who’s cute female employee goes missing and he’s stuck with trying to figure out the reasons for her disappearance. Will this be a touching “coming of late age” story? Or will it be too indie for it’s own good? Find our take on the matter this Friday.

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Is the Missing Girl an awesome TIFF movie? Find out this Friday.

Is the Missing Girl an awesome TIFF movie? Find out this Friday.