A sure sign that we’re in the thick of the Fall t.v. season? The return of AMC’s Comic Book Men, of course!

This Sunday sees the return of Kevin Smith’s comic shop, Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash, to the midnight slot on AMC, now in it’s 5th season, with back-to-back episodes. While many nerds have had a love/hate relationship with the series, it has become a hit with mainstream audiences with it’s window in the collectible world of comics and sci-fi fantasy. In it’s less contrived storylines, it has accurately painted the day-to-day conversations in a comic shop and really given some of our most beloved toys and memorabilia their moment to shine. And it doesn’t hurt that some of the biggest names in fandom have dropped by the store. This year dives right in and gives us more these things with its first two episodes.

In the premiere episode, Wookie Fever, after a certain classic Halloween costume mask makes its way into the shop, the guys get into an argument on who can do the best Chewbacca impression. What better way to settle this argument that to have Chewie himself, actor Peter Mayhew stop by and be the judge of their Wookie Call Contest. The dudes go all out and get dressed up for this competition that has a very clear winner by the end. There’s also a bit of excitement over the first appearance of Deadpool in a comic, so we’re unfortunately subjected to some Rob Liefeld artwork this episode.

In the second ep. of the night, Holy Zap Copter, the Stash’s own Mike Zapcic, probably the dude with the least screen time in the run of the series, finally gets his day. It’s the 15th anniversary of Mike working at the store and Walt, Bryan and Ming decided to do something special to commemorate this: get him a ride in a classic Bat-vehicle from the 1966 Batman. It’s not the Batmobile. He’s already done that. So what could it be? Tune in this Sunday, old chum, to find out – same Comic Time! Same Comic Channel. Overall, it’s a fitting reward for 15 years of service and Mike does appreciate. As fanboys and fangirls, I think we’d appreciate this gift as well.

The rest of the season promises some pretty cool guest stars with Stan Lee making another appearance on the program and legendary comic artist John Romita Jr. also scheduled to drop by. Add to this Kevin Smith making a trip to William Shatner’s house and we’ve got a few things to look forward to on the 5th season of AMC’s Comic Book Men. I’m looking forward to more talk of comics late on a Sunday night and I think you all are too.

The first two episodes of Season 5 of AMC’s Comic Book Men airs this Sunday, October 18th, at Midnight. Be sure to catch our interview with Mike Zapcic this Friday, October 16th on Geek Hard (7pm EST on www.realityradio101.com) to get you pumped and primed for the show’s return.

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Mike Zapcic gets some cred for 15 years of services on this Season of Comic Book Men - Photo Credit: David E. Steele/AMC

Mike Zapcic gets some cred for 15 years of service on this Season of Comic Book Men – Photo Credit: David E. Steele/AMC