12596486_oriThis Friday, Geek Hard welcomes back an old friend….an old friend who they’ve drop their pants with in public.

Don’t miss this week’s episode of Geek Hard where we’ll be chatting with actor, writer and former guest Robin Dunne! Robin is no stranger to Fandom as he’s been in the world of sci-fi and fantasy for years. Best known for his work on 4 seasons of Sanctuary, Robin is also an accomplished screenwriter. One of his screenplays, Rattletrap, ┬áis now being adapted into a graphic novel by Under Belly Comics and Dunne will be on to talk about the current Kickstarter campaign to get it published.



Check out the campaign HERE and be sure to take a listen this Friday to find out more!

But that’s not all we’ll be talking about. There’s a certain book series turned film franchise that’s last installment is hitting the big screen this Friday and you can be damn sure we’re reviewing it. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 is storming the Capital this week and fans of both the books and films can’t wait. Will it bring justice to the districts or will all those deaths mean nothing? Find out what Andrew and Mr. Green think this Friday.

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Will Mockjay Part 2 be a satisfying ending? Find out this Friday.

Will Mockjay Part 2 be a satisfying ending? Find out this Friday.