Welcome to the third instalment of  the Geek Hard 2015 Holiday Gift Guide. Over the next few weeks leading up to Christmas, Andrew and I will be putting up our suggestions for nerd Christmas cheer in the form of awesome gifts. Keep checking back each week to see what new gift ideas we have for every level of geek. We have gifts on the low end – less then $30 – as well as gifts that are substantially more costly. Regardless, enjoy the ideas and feel free to buy a gift and send it to us. We like gifts too. No really, we do. One of these items may be under your tree right now.

$300 and Beyond

902239-rocket-and-groot-003Rocket and Groot – $359.99

Guardians of the Galaxy was the surprise hit of 2014. Nobody really expected it to be great, but it was. Here you can enjoy one of those great moments with Rocket & Groot. This massive set is awesome to look at and think of how much fun it was seeing the scene it’s from on screen. Now you can enjoy it everytime you look at your shelf. We are GROOT!




first order stormtroopersFirst Order Stormtrooper Officer and Stormtrooper – $384.99

The movie hasn’t opened yet. It might suck. None of this matters right now as we ALL have hope for The Force Awakens. So Hot Toy’s is of course issuing 1/6th scale figures based on the characters. Why not start off with those iconic soldiers from a galaxy far, far away. The design is very cool and I can’t wait to see them in action on screen or your shelf!



silly symphonyThe Silly Symphony Collection 1929-1939 – $399.98

Disney has always done one thing right over the years – music. Regardless of the quality of the project, they have continued to provide stirring scores and beautiful melodies. Here for fans of the the old Silly Symphony pieces, you can get one massive collection of the music from that era. 16 lps worth of great fun music.



helicarrierLego Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier – $3399.99

The Helicarrier is one of the coolest vehicles in the Marvel Universe, both on the comics page and in the movies. It’s no surprise that Lego issued a set based on it. Almost 3′ long, it’s not just a play toy, it’s a serious collector’s item. Plus you get a whack of minifigs to add to your ever growing collection.




heman_powerswordfHE-MAN Lifesize Bust – $679.99

In the 80’s, He-Man was a top rated show and super successful toy line. In fact there are still many collectors, old and new, who really enjoy the world he came from. Here is a life size bust of the iconic character for the true fan of He-Man. Just make sure you have enough space for all the power of Greyskull that it holds.




sony-walkman-zx2Sony ZX2 High-Resolution Walkman – $1,199.99

I remember owning an original Sony Walkman when I was a kid. I took that thing everywhere, back when that was the height of portable music. Now after years of it being shelved, Sony had brought back the name in a device that is not for the average person. This is a high quality device to play high quality music. It’s a cool way to repurpose the old brand.



tardisLife-size Replica Tardis – $4,500.00

Okay, as you know I’m a huge Doctor Who fan. So when I saw this… well….C’mon! It’s a life size replica Tardis that you can get in any of the incarnations of the vehicle throughout the 51 years of the show’s history. They will make you a 1963 William Hartnell version all the way up to the current 2015 Capaldi box. For any fan of the mad man in the blue box.




baboonHubcap Creatures: Baboon – $5,400.00

Let’s add a little artistic culture to your gift giving this year with this weirdly cool repurposing of old vehicle hubcaps. The piece I really liked was this hubcap Baboon skeleton. Definitely a showpiece to get people asking about your awesome taste in art.




hulkbusterIron Man Hulkbuster 1:1 Scale Life-Size Statue – $18,499.99

The best scene in all of Avengers: Age of Ultron was the Hulk versus Veronica (aka The Hulkbuster Armour). It was an epic battle that had audiences and me cheering. Too bad the rest of the movie didn’t live up to this fantastic confrontation. Regardless, you can take this monster statue home display of it if you have 10’+ high ceilings and a floor that can handle it’s hefty 1,400+lbs. Still pretty sweet. Oh yeah, it lights up too!


simulatorRealistic Racing Simulator – $185,000.00

For the person who has everything but can’t figure out how to drive properly. This simulator is used by Ford to help train drivers in the most realistic simulation outside of an actual car. Recreating up to 0.5 G’s of acceleration, it even dips as you brake and rumbles when you leave the road. What’s not to love about this? And you can drive it all from the safety of your own home. I think I need to rob a bank now just to buy one for myself.


So there you go. Some cool gift ideas for this festive season. Next week Andrew is back again, this time with his stocking stuffer suggestions for those who would like to spend more.

If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!

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