Here it is: The final installment of the 2015 GEEK HARD Holiday Gift Guide. As always, Mr. Green and I like to give you, the nerd-going public, helpful hints on what to get the loved ones you celebrate Life Day with. Last week, Mr. Green showed off crazy expensive gifts for the nerd with tons of cash.  This week, we look at the opposite end of the spectrum with stocking stuffers priced under $50! Here’s 11 items that Santa would love to give the Geek in your life this Christmas Eve. These are what stockings SHOULD be stuffed with.

Gifts Less than $50


51wh6AFIpjLStar Wars: Smuggler’s Run – A Han Solo & Chewbacca Adventure – $7.14

The first of two Star Wars-related items on the list. This novel says it has ties to The Force Awakens but that’s not why it’s on here. It’s got a great cover courtesy of superstar artist Phil Noto but that’s not the reason it’s on the list, either. The main reason I’ve included it as a stocking stuffer is because it’s written by the one and only Greg Rucka! The former Geek Hard guest has wowed us over the years with his many novels and comics and now he give us his take on Han Solo. The odds look pretty good here that this will be a home run. (Never tell me the odds!)



518ITryOBzLQuarry by Max Allan Collins – $9.44

Another novel and this one’s for the lover of hard boiled fiction. Originally released under the title “The Broker” in 1976, this is the first in author Max Allan Collins’ longest running series. A hitman turned detective after a job goes bad, the character is getting his own series on Cinemax in 2016, so why not check out his first story rereleased through Hard Case Crime. It’s got old school action and a fast paced energy that makes it hard to even think about putting the book down. You’ll pick it up if you’re smart.




205d_8-bit_mega_man_character_mugs_runningClassic Mega Man Mug – $9.99

When I was a kid and played Mega Man 2 for the first time, I swear I saw God. Probably one of the coolest games from the 16Bit era, the character has endured through time and is still kickin’ it today. Why not give the gamer in your life a gift that will remind them where MM‘s journey began. There are several designs to choose from (including some of the villains) but my favourite would be this “Running” mug. It’s pretty cool.



61ZFWAuzhOLThe Princess Bride Playing Cards – As You Wish – $9.99

There have been a few different playing cards designed for The Princess Bride this year, but the one worth checking out is the “As You Wish” Edition. Made by Bicycle, these are some quality cards with fantastic illustrations of your favourite characters from this iconic film. It would be INCONCEIVABLE for a Princess Bride fan not to like this.




KOOZ-2002__88508.1426537241.1280.1280Star Trek Kirk Drink Kooler  – $9.99

Set phasers to chill….and keep it that way. This Captain Kirk Drink Kooler care of Perpetual Kid is great for the Star Trek fan who also likes a cold brew….or synthehol if that’s more your style. Use this to keep your drinks cool and after a few, you might just end up talking like Kirk….with….all….the…pauses.




il_570xN.701242616_cfr9Ron Swanson Inspiration & Motivational Quotes Magnets – $14.11

Yes, Parks and Recreation came to an end earlier this year. It’s done and it’s not coming back. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still extract wisdom from the man, the myth, the mustache that is Ron Swanson! With this set of fridge magnets, you can be both entertained and informed. Whether it’s his opinions on clear alcohols or his thoughts on the things that make him happiest, Ron Swanson is a fountain of common sense. Get these magnets for someone that needs proper guidance in how to be an honorable man.


11be_sw_r2d2_measuring_cup_setStar Wars R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set – $14.99

I don’t think this one needs much explanation. It’s R2D2. It’s a measuring cup set. It’s Star Wars. You know somebody who bakes and likes droids? This is what they’re looking for. Get it for them and the Force will be strong with you in equal measure.



51r+9DXX5ML._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_I Lost it at the Video Store: A Filmmakers’ Oral History of a Vanished Era – $18

I miss the video store. It was a place to find a hidden film gem, either by searching the aisles or getting a recommendation from the clerk working the desk. That feeling of finding a great video rental will never be replaced by scrolling through a list of titles on Netflix. It was an adventure. In this book, Tom Roston interviews a slew of filmmakers who came of age in the video store era and launched their carreers in indie film. These stores were a place of education for Kevin Smith, Doug Liman and the like. Give this to the aspiring filmmaker in your life.



61i0RJQm9nL._UY606_DC Comics Wonder Woman Shiny Cape Knee High Socks – $21.14

“All the world is waiting for you, and the socks that you possess!” Everybody gets socks in their stocking, but how many get 14 inches of super-powered action! And the little red capes on the calves are a nice touch. Fits sock sizes 9 to 11 (shoe sizes 5 to 10). Give these to the lady geek in your life and watch them “make a hawk a dove, stop a war with love, and make a liar tell the truth!”





DVOmPAHP9EZkSV_1_lAnt-Man on Blu-ray – $25

I know that my last list was filled with Blu-rays but I had to include one to throw in the stocking, right? And what better choice than the best comic book movie of the year! There was fun! There was big action! There was tiny action! The performances were great! It really gave a much needed shot in the arm to the superhero origin story. If you want a film to watch with the family and have a laugh, this is the one to get. The perfect end to Phase Two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the perfect addition to any stocking.



71dUGUtlLdL._SL1400_Knight Rider Kitt USB Car Charger – $37.50

You can charge your mobile devices in your car while reliving your childhood. Why not? This replica of the voice box from KITT the car lights up and the light bars sync up with 11 phrases voiced by William Daniels (the original voice of KITT and Mr. Feeny for you kids that were a bit younger and grew up watching Boy Meets World). Remember to charge your phone, Michael.



So there you have it. The Geek Hard 2015 Holiday Gift Guide is complete. We hope we’ve helped your shopping experience these past few weeks and that your holiday is a magical one. So snuggle up under the covers and let those visions of sugar plums dance the night away inside your head.

If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!