2015 is in the rear view but we haven’t finish looking back just yet. If you caught this Friday’s show, you know we’ve been thinking a lot about everything the previous year had to offer. So let me take this time to look specifically at the best comics to grace the shelves at your local comic shop. There’s been a lot of great stuff that came out this past year but only so many can be touted as the best. So let’s take a look at my picks for the Top 5 Comics of 2015:


batgirl-43-cover#5 – Batgirl (DC Comics)

If you were in the mood for a fun superhero book that was safe for all ages but still packed a punch, there was no better a title than Batgirl. Cameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher and Babs Tarr brought their A game this year and did a great job of not only delivering a fast paced, action oriented story, but also reincorporating Barbara Gordon back into the thick of the Bat-Universe without sacrificing her individuality. There were a number of appearances from members of the Bat-family but none took the spotlight away from Batgirl and that’s always a good thing.



DIG060114_2._SX640_QL80_TTD_#4 – Howard the Duck (Marvel)

If it wasn’t for my pick for #1, this title would’ve been dubbed the funniest book of the year. Chip Zdarsky put his stamp on the Marvel U and did it all through the eyes of the duck from another dimension. Re-introducing Howard to the 616 as a private detective opened up a number of great possibilities and lead to a number of fantastic interactions with other great heroes and villains. Joe Quinones delivered visuals that really amped up the comedy but didn’t overstate the subtlety of it. And now with a new series, the team is proving that you can even go cosmic with the character and it still works. Waugh!


4721013-18#3 – Lazarus (Image)

Nobody does dystopian futures like Greg Rucka and Michael Lark. Forever Carlyle proved once again why she’s the best there is as what she does and what she does is protect her family and the great deal of land they control. This year got very political with the meeting of the families and the eventual declaration of war, but through it all it was Forever’s story and character that shined through the most. Possibly one of the most complex and interesting characters in comics, even when you think you know exactly what she’s going to do, Forever surprises us with a move that we don’t see coming. I look forward to seeing where the battle takes us this year.


Fadeout_07#2 – The Fade Out (Image)

A noir comic set in 1940s Hollywood? Of course it’s riveting. Of course I can’t wait to see “who dunnit?”. Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips drove it home this year with their second title at Image. An exciting serial that really embraced the storytelling of the era  without losing any of their modern pacing and development. Is hack screenwriter Charlie Parish any closer to solving the mystery of the dead starlet or has his own self obsessiveness gotten in the way of seeing what’s really going on here? With breathtaking visuals and some rich back story, this has been probably one of the most satisfying tales the duo has ever produced.


fOIyZhErxik#1 – Ant-Man / Astonishing Ant-Man (Marvel)

This was definitely Ant-Man’s year. The feature film starring Paul Rudd was the best comic book based film of 2015. What was even better was the amazing comic series we were treated to from Nick Spencer and Ramon Rosanas. Re-Introducing Scott Lang and setting up in Miami as owner and operator of his own security firm was great. Everything from his showdown with The Taskmaster, to him hooking up with the new Beetle, to fighting a Nazi robot that shoots gold, it was all outrageous but also smart storytelling. The covers by Mark Brooks also brought a touch of class to this balls to the wall hilarious superfest. If you haven’t read Ant-Man, you’ve done yourself a disservice. Read this book NOW!


So there you have it. My picks for the Top 5 Comics of 2015. Let me know what your picks are by leaving a comment.

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