TerryKnowsMoviesLogo3Welcome Friends and movie lovers to Terry Knows Movies. Terry Huddleston is an artist who can be found showcasing his artwork at conventions and shows across North America. He’s also a ravenous consumer of movies and a bit of an armchair critic. Let Terry share his knowledge with you as mixes old school and new school nerd knowledge to tell you exactly why a particular movie sucked.

In our first TKM of the year, we change things up a bit. We know that Terry knows movies, but what about T.V.? This episode, Terry compares CW’s Green Archer and Marvel’s Hero of Hell’s Kitchen and gives his opinion on which of the two gritty hero shows reigns supreme. Which one is better? Which one is more like Batman? It’s Arrow vs. Daredevil on an ALL NEW Terry Knows Movies.

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