Originally Aired: 02/05/16

Geek News of the Week regarding the just announced Flash/Supergirl TV crossover. We get to poke fun at Amazon for potentially opening 300-400 physical bookstores in the near future. And get the lowdown on in studio guest J. Torres latest project – The Mighty Zodiac for Oni Press.

Our review of Hail, Caesar! starring Josh Brolin, George Clooney and Alden Ehrenreich. Synopsis: In the early 1950s, Eddie Mannix is busy at work trying to solve all the problems of the actors and filmmakers at Capitol Pictures. His latest assignments involve a disgruntled director, a singing cowboy, a beautiful swimmer and a handsome dancer. As if all this wasn’t enough, Mannix faces his biggest challenge when Baird Whitlock gets kidnapped while in costume for the swords-and-sandals epic “Hail, Caesar!” If the studio doesn’t pay $100,000, it’s the end of the line for the movie star.

We also celebrate our 6th year on air at Reality Radio 101 with special guest comic writer J. Torres. Who is in studio to help us this week to present the Golden Grant Award for our Best Comic Creator Guest of 2015. The award went to uber creator Chip Zdarsky (Sex Criminals, Kaptara, Jughead). We also give out our award for Best Video Interview to The Cast of Bitten and of course our 2015 Guest of the Year award went to Tommie-Amber Pirie. We interviewed her last March 29th on Episode 252 where we discussed her time on Bitten season 2 and marvelled at her ability to swear like a sailor. This time she spilt a can of Coke on her bed as she couldn’t contain her excitement and shock of winning our Guest of the Year.

All that and of course our Geek Picks.

It was a great show! That has been lost… maybe forever.

Unfortunately the recording appears to have been lost to the ether of the internet. Once we realized this, we quickly put this shortened show together so that you still had something to listen to this week. So please enjoy this replacement show even though it is missing our latest interview with Tommie-Amber from the live show. If however something changes and we are able to pull this lost episode back from the internet we will post it ASAP.

If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!