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Hello Readers! I’m back for another year of awesome novels and analytical reviews of great fiction. Today we will once again return to the mystical and chaotic world of Baxter Zevcenko. You may remember my review of Baxter’s first adventures into the bizarre and magical in Charlie Human’s novel Apocalypse Now Now. This time Baxter finds himself in a whole new world of problems and challenges. Can this boy of conflicting supernatural bloodlines stay on the straight and narrow long enough to save the world or will he be lost to the dark, impending apocalypse. Let us take a look at Charlie Human’s sequel Kill Baxter.

Our story begins with our main character, sixteen-year-old Baxter Zevcenko, starting fresh and trying to build a new life for himself. Expelled and attending Pornography Anonymous sessions after his underground porn dealing business is discovered, Baxter just wants to keep his head down and make a fresh start at his new school, Hexpoort. This is problematic because no one cares that he saved the world from unimaginable destruction and apocalyptic doom. Feeling alone and thankless Baxter discovers this is the least of his problems. Trying to fit in at his new magic school, Baxter discovers that although he may be half ancient Boer mystic and half giant shape-shifting Crow, he is not as strong in the mystic and magical arts as his classmates. Getting on the bad side of the “Chosen One” at his school and struggling to control his ability to dream-walk, Baxter is in way over his head when his life at home distances itself from him and his school life becomes under attack by strange and dangerous forces. With the help of friends old and new, Baxter must once again battle the apocalypse to save the world and everything he holds dear.

I loved this book just as much as the first one. The story had the same intensity, mystery and bizarre action-packed plot as the original novel, but with different creative twists and challenges for the main character. Baxter is still the messed up, confused and dark teen that he was, but he’s trying to redeem himself of his past behaviour. He’s trying to have a better attitude and more positive perspective of the world around him. This was very interesting and just drew me into the character. He felt so realistic in not only his emotions, but his complete inner psyche and thought process. Baxter understands why he’s different from everyone else, but he is still trying to control the completely different personalities pulling him in different directions. The ancient Boer being the voice of reason and compassion is in constant argument with the Crow’s voice of aggression and perseverance inside his head. Bringing these two voices back into the story as well as being a major part of Baxter, added great comedic moments to a very dark and peculiar story.

The struggles that Baxter has to fight through and save himself from were compelling and extremely relatable. The battles, supernatural conflicts and near death experiences were highly suspenseful and were perfect for Baxter’s new adventures into magic and the “unseen world”, but it was the small conflicts that were truly enthralling. Baxter experiences situations that the reader can identify with and understand, with the added bonus of magic and supernatural creatures.  He has the hardest time fitting in at school, he struggles with learning magic, he becomes alienated by a bigger, more experienced classmate who is prophesized to be the “Chosen One”, his relationship with his girlfriend Esme is threatened because of distance and his best friend Kyle doesn’t support him because of jealousy. As a reader, you feel Baxter’s loneliness and understand his confusion within these very realistic problems that happen throughout the different stages of life.

Baxter’s new ability to dream-walk is both hysterically surreal and unbelievable. These walks through his own and other people’s dreams give the reader a new perspective on magical worlds and a strange connection to the different and new characters within the novel. The pop culture references and parodies to other stories of magical schools and beings are fun and relatable; especially if you are a fan of the characters and stories being parodied.

Lastly, the new characters Baxter meets at Hexpoort are very captivating and complex. While at the school Baxter becomes friends with many talented and differently skilled students of magic and the mystic arts. Some of these powers include: conversing with animals, manipulating the mind to see fantasied images and seeing into people’s deepest thoughts and dreams. Old characters like Ronin, the supernatural bounty hunter, Esme and Kyle reappear both aiding and conflicting with Baxter on his journey to save the world and confront his own inner demons.

If you’re looking for a sequel with thrilling adventure, magical characters, bizarre supernatural creatures, paranormal realms, intense battles and dangerous apocalyptic situations, then this is the story for you. Charlie Human’s Kill Baxter is a very exciting and action-packed sequel that lives up to the original novel’s fast paced plot and fascinating characters. This book is an enjoyable read, leaving you wanting more.

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Kill Baxter is worth checking out....if you're into that sort of thing.

Kill Baxter is worth checking out….if you’re into that sort of thing.