Welcome to another edition of New Comics, where we give our suggestions on what books to pick up when perusing the comic shelves week to week. As always, I am joined by Kris Johnson of Bizarre Comics Entertainment. Read on to find the best of what the comic shop has in store for you this week.

Here we go.

STK696455THE VIOLENT #3 $2.99 (Image) – The team of Ed Brisson and Adam Gorham have been churning out one hell of a slow-burnin’, noir delight for the past two months and in the final moments of the last issue, they really turned up the heat to a boil! This is the kind of book where awful people are doing awful things to other awful people but for good reason and I’m enjoying the crap out of every flip of the page. If you love crime comics and aren’t reading The Violent, then I guess you’re just living a lie, aren’t you? (Kris Johnson)

STUMPTOWN #9 $3.99 (Oni) – Speaking of crime comics, it really is a crime what some places charge for a cup of coffee these days, am I right? What does that have to do with crime comics? EVERYTHING! Well, at least when you’re talking about Stumptown. Dex is in deep with the Barista Mafia and is comparing coffee beans with billionaires who are up to their necks in ill gotten gains. Coffee is serious business in Portland. Grab a cup a joe and sit down to read the latest in the life of your favourite P.I. (Andrew)

PITIFUL HUMAN LIZARD #6 $2.99 (ChapterHouse) – Chapterhouse’s reprints of TPHL have finally caught up with Jason Loo’s original indie run, and you know what that means? Brand new, never-before-seen stories starting with this very issue, baby! And to celebrate the milestone, big things are happening for Lucas Barrett aka The Pitiful Human-Lizard. I mean this issue alone he’s gonna help his dad learn how to work his cell phone and… teams. up. with… his mom? Sure. Why not? Moms are cool! (Kris Johnson)

STK698811BLACK WIDOW #1 $3.99 (Marvel) – Hey, remember that awesome Daredevil book that Mark Waid and Chris Samnee put out not too long ago? And remember that awesome Black Widow book that also came out just a little while back? What if I told you that the creative team behind that awesome Daredevil book were now doing a Black Widow series? You’d be on board, right? Well, I guess you’re on board then because issue 1 of this new Black Widow series comes out this week. Funny how that works, eh? (Andrew)

PREDATOR LIFE AND DEATH #1 $3.99 (Dark Horse) – Yeah, it’s absolutely true that these Predator comics can be painfully hit and miss affairs, but I’m recommending this one on the strength of the writer, Dan Abnett. Yes, that Dan Abnett. The man who writes phenomenal sci-fi comics in his sleep Dan Abnett. The guy who teamed up with Andy Lanning to expertly revive the entirety of the cosmic side of the Marvel U Dan Abnett. That Dan Abnett. You’re gonna buy this book now, aren’t you? See? We know each other so well. (Kris Johnson)

THE DISCIPLINE #1 $2.99 (Image) – Sex and Mystery! Lust and Weirdness! Seduction and Metamorphosis? There’s a lot going on in this new series from Peter Milligan and Leandro Fernandez and some of it’s a bit risque to be sure. It all begins with a woman planning to have an affair on the husband she always fights with and turns into some much more deadly. Not for the kiddies, of course. But this sounds alright for me. How ’bout you? (Andrew)

STK699620OLD MAN LOGAN #3 $3.99 (Marvel) – Logan and Clint Barton built up quite the buddy-comedy rapport back in ol’ future Wolvie’s multiversal home dimension. Unfortunately for the Canucklehead, this isn’t his Earth, this isn’t his time, and the Hawkeye that finds him passed out and covered in blood on their nice clean sofa definitely ain’t the one he’s used to battling Venom-infused T-Rexes with. And she’s pissed. I mean, in the span of two issues Logan runs afoul of Cho-Hulk and now Kate Bishop? Our boy really needs to read the new Who’s Who in the Marvel U. I hear it’s on the internet. Wolverine definitely knows about the Internet. It’s where I constantly see him wistfully stroking photos of various objects and people, goddammit! (Kris Johnson)

SEDUCTION OF THE INNOCENT #4 of 4 $3.99 (Dynamite) – The final issue of a hardcore crime comic cleverly named to shame the late Fredric Wertham, this book really packs a punch. Funny, we’ve mentioned a few crime books in this here column, you’d think we really love ’em. And guess what? We totally do. Check out the big finale. (Andrew)

SPIDER-MAN #2 $3.99 (Marvel) – Miles Morales has just taken out Blackheart when even the combined might of the Avengers couldn’t do the job! Plus, he totally did it while wielding Captain America’s shield! Awesome! Unfortunately, Peter Parker has arrived on the scene and seems none too pleased with our pal Miles. Not Awesome. What bug crawled up OG Spidey’s ass anyway? Don’t say a spider. (Kris Johnson)

STL001797DEADLY CLASS #19 $3.99 (Image) – Part 3 of the Die for Me storyline, Marcus and the rats are sick of running and make a stand on the streets of San Francisco and Michael Douglas and Karl Malden are nowhere to be seen! That’s right, I just made a Streets of San Francisco joke that I’m sure went over most of your heads. You got IMDB, go look it up. We’ll wait. Okay, you check it out? Pretty good joke, right? No? Fine, whatever….back to the book. Deadly Class is an intense thrill ride and this story has been ramping up with each issue. Can’t wait to crack open this baby come Wednesday. (Andrew)

So there you go. That’s this week’s New Comics Check these books out and let us know what you think. We’ll be back again next week with more choice cuts of comic goodness!

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The Discipline #1

The Discipline #1