We got a big show this week with guests galore and a review of a much anticipated Netflix series with Devil in it’s name.

11178290_10153221872879457_4047571305256346195_nDon’t miss this Friday’s Geek Hard as Andrew and Mr. Green will be talking to a couple of cool cats. Up first is Holly Giannoccaro, lead singer and guitarist of the band Pulled from Panels. You might have caught the Pulled from Panels song The Winter Soldier when we played it on our show a couple of weeks back. Holly will be on to talk about VS, the new E.P. from which that song is from. Focusing on superheroes of the Marvel variety, Pulled from Panels have produced a very geeky album. Find out more about Holly, Pulled from Panels and VS this Friday on the show.

img_3336But Holly won’t be our only guest as filmmaker Matt Sadowski will be joining us as well to chat about his new web series, The Brief. Shot completely in house at Toronto-based Elemental Inc., The Brief is a comedy that gives you an inside look into the world of an advertising firm. Matt will be on to talk about  making the show and his own experiences working for an ad agency (and which real life moments inspired the series). Be sure to listen this Friday to hear his stories and check out The Brief at thebriefseries.com.

While both guests are great, there’s also that Netflix series I mentioned that makes it return this week…..the one involving the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen! Marvel’s Daredevil is back for a second season this Friday and Andrew and Mr. Green are ready with a spoiler-free review. Not only that, but Geek Hard has dubbed the next 5 days “Daredevil” week, so be sure to check out the Geek Hard website as well as our twitter, instagram and facebook feeds for some extra Daredevil love, all ramping up to the series release and our review this Friday.

All this, plus the news and reviews that you’ve come to expect, right here on Geek Hard. Listen LIVE! This Friday at 7pm Eastern on realityradio101.com. A blind man could tell you that all you need this Friday night to enjoy yourself are your ears……but I guess you don’t have to hear it from him because I just told you. Be sure to listen.

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Daredevil Season 2 hits Netflix this Friday, but there will be Daredevil content all week from Geek Hard!

Daredevil Season 2 hits Netflix this Friday, but there will be Daredevil content all week from Geek Hard!