This week we talk to some cool folks and watch some BS…..I mean B vs S.

Brent chittendenDon’t miss this Friday’s Geek Hard as we’ll be talking about Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. That’s right, the review you’ve all been waiting for about the film you’ve all been dreading (or at least should be dreading if you know what’s good for you). Long time listeners may remember that Andrew and Mr. Green both hated Man of Steel. In fact, Mr. Green ranted on multiple episode about how much he hated it. In order to make this review a little more fair and balanced, we found one of the few that actually liked that film, Fear and Loathing in Geekdom columnist Brent Chittenden. Brent will be on to give a review from the pro Meh of Steel camp. Will he be happy with what he sees in B vs S? Will Andrew and Mr. Green be able to stomach it? Find out this Friday with our in depth review.

danBut that’s not all! We’ll also be joined via phone by a very special guest: Pop Mythology‘s Daniel Jun Kim. Daniel, better known as the Pop Mythologist, is launching a Kickstarter on March 24th to fund the self publishing of Your Superhero Origin: Transform Suffering Into Superpowers, a book about how to use crisis, adversity and suffering as opportunities for growth and self improvement. Joining him on this project are a number of great comic book artists including Michael Avon Oeming, Menton3, Dean Haspiel and Monty Nero who will be providing original drawings for the book. To find out more about this interesting project, be sure to catch The Pop Mythologist on our show this Friday.

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Will B vs S be bearable? Find out this Friday.

Will B vs S be bearable? Find out this Friday.