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On this week’s episode, Andrew and Gavin take a look back on a comic creator that had a hand in making them the men they are today. (That’s right, this guy is to blame). Larry – Freakin – Hama! Larry Hama is a man who is synonymous with G.I. Joe. He was the main writer on the original Marvel comic from the 80s as well as the guy who wrote all the file cards that came with each figure. He developed the backstories for each and every Real American Hero and Cobra Enemy. Larry Hama is essentially the Godfather of G.I. Joe. But his legacy doesn’t end there.

Larry is also known for his 8 year run on Wolverine. Most of the things we know about Logan come from his time on the comic. In a sense, Larry Hama is the best there is at what he does….and what he does is write comics. Take a listen as we look back on the man’s legendary run on G.I. Joe, including the iconic issue #21 (a.k.a. Silent Interlude), as well as his time on the old Canucklehead. We even chat a bit about what he’s up to now.

As an added bonus, we’ve included a snippet of Andrew’s interview with Larry Hama from a couple of years back. Keep your ears piqued for that one. Get to know Larry better on this creator spotlight episode of Back Issue Bloodbath.

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We talk all things Larry Hama on this week's Bloodbath.

We talk all things Larry Hama on this week’s Bloodbath.