Welcome friends to Back Issue Bloodbath, a comics-centric podcast presented by Geek Hard. Join hosts Andrew Young and Gavin Stephens as they get down and dirty in the four-colour world of comic books, focusing on classic stories, new issues, comic creators and hot button topics.

Well friends, it’s been a rough couple of weeks. Safe to say it’s been a battle! As you know there was no Back Issue Bloodbath episode last week due to Gavin traveling to a different dimension to fight time wraiths and protect our universe from a hostile takeover. This week, Gavin finally made it back and we sat down to record this week’s show…..and then tragedy struck.

Here we were, just minding our own business, recording a show that we love and care for (and we know you do too!) when Bloodbath HQ came under attack. An electro-magnetic pulse was set off in our building and all the recordings were lost. We couldn’t continue as our home base came under siege by marauders. We had to fight tooth and nail with the insurgents and defend the high ground. It was a hard fought battle and there were casualties…..mainly Gavin’s computer (the device we use to record the show). It was a sad day but it’s not the end of us!

Next week, we shall return with the fire of thousand exploding suns, I guarantee it. We will be bringing you the opinion and knowledge, like only we know how. We apologize for this two week interruption that was caused by circumstances beyond our control. We know it’s annoying to have a break in A podcast when you aren’t expecting it. But as I said, don’t worry, we’ll be back next week…..for REAL this time.

In the meantime…..

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Artist's Rendition of Andrew and Gavin protecting Bloodbath HQ from marauders. Bloodbath returns next week.

Artist’s Rendition of Andrew and Gavin protecting Bloodbath HQ from marauders. Bloodbath returns next week.