Every week we are bombarded with so much coming out, sometimes the really cool stuff falls through the cracks. So in the hopes of being a little bit like your nerd spirit guide, I’m periodically going to do posts talking about my favourite things that have recently appeared on the entertainment landscape that you may have missed. So here we go for the first round.


Surgical Meth Machine’s debut album

I have been a huge fan of Ministry and the various side projects of Al Jourgensen since I was in grade 8. Unfortunately, the last few Ministry albums didn’t do much for me. There was a lack of experimentation, which was part of what I loved about his music. Al has since retired Ministry and started this new project called Surgical Meth Machine. The debut album sounds like everything I wanted out of the last four Ministry albums. It’s got heavy songs, fast songs, weird songs. It’s awesome! To give you an idea of what you are stepping into, Al has stated that the first half of the album was recorded while drinking in Texas. The second half was recorded after he moved to California and got his weed card. You will defeinetly hear the diference on this record. If you want to try something a little different, give this album a shot.


The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

squirrel girl galactus

My wife has been picking up this comic for it’s entire run but it’s only be lately that I’ve sat down and read it. Not in continuity, completely fun and incredibly well written. This is also a cool book to give to girls. Squirrel Girl is smart, can handle the bad guys and doesn’t look like she walked out of a Playboy circa 1994. There should definitely be a Squirrel Girl cartoon.


Chuck Norris vs Communism


I discovered this on Netflix the other night and was surprised at how much I got sucked into this documentary. On the surface, it’s about movie bootlegs in Romania during Communist rule. But when you start falling into it, you realize that it’s really about how film has the power to change lives and culture. Highly recommend checking this out.




I’ve been wanting to do a column on my love of this video game for a while but I really couldn’t get more then a paragraph out. Destiny had a rough start, coming out with some weird levelling systems and lacking in the story department. That being said, over the past year, a lot of things have changed and some DLC has come out making it a fun experience.Levelling is easy to understand and the last DLC, The Taken King, added cool new story and something every video game needs, more Nathan Fillion! I play online with two of my buddies every week and it’s amazing how much fun the three of us have blowing away these alien bastards. Until we get another Borderlands, this is my shooter of choice.


Ministry: The Lost Gospels According to Al Jourgensen

ministry book

I know, that guy again, right? This book is a few years old but I recently picked it up after hearing the latest Surgical Meth Machine album. Assuming this is true or remotely close to the truth… holy crap, this man has lived the rock n’ roll lifestyle. By the end of the book he’s lost a toe, nearly lost an arm, died twice, melted a tour bus and done so much heroin that you will be amazed that not only is this guy still alive, he’s functional and just recorded a new album. A great, easy read that really gives you a look at how far one can go in that lifestyle and still come out alive. If you want to feel better about how much drinking/drugs you’ve done in a previous life, this is a book for you.


Your turn. Is there some cool stuff you think we should know about? A new album we should here or a book we should read? Post your suggestions in the comments section and remember…

If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!