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Welcome Friends and movie lovers to Terry Knows Movies. Terry Huddleston is an artist who can be found showcasing his artwork at conventions and shows across North America. He’s also a ravenous consumer of movies and a bit of an armchair critic. Let Terry share his knowledge with you as mixes old school and new school nerd knowledge to tell you exactly why a particular movie rocked or sucked.

This week, there is much anticipation. Game of Thrones returns for a sixth season on HBO. There are many that are waiting on baited breath to find out if Jon Snow is really dead! There are others who just want to see their favourites back on the screen to see what shit they’re gonna get in this year. But before all that happens, Terry’s got something to clear up about last season…..well, a couple of somethings.

Watch as Terry gives his thoughts on last season and lays some of the stuff that Game of Thrones fans have not been talking about. Whether it’s the debate on the way women are treated on the show or the layout of the overall season, Terry breaks it down in his signature style. If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you should give the video a watch.

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