This Saturday, comic shops come alive like no other day of the year! For Saturday is Free Comic Book Day. Yes, it’s that day of the year where fanboys and girls can go down to their local comic shop and pick a free comic from 50 titles that are available. Celebrating 15 years, FCBD is a day to hang with other comics fans, check out what your local store has to offer and maybe sample something you’ve never checked out before. There are a number of publishers contributing titles, from the “Big Two” right down to the small press. In a perfect world, you could walk home with all of them. But some stores have a limit on how many free books you can take (gotta make sure that there’s comics for everyone, right?) and not every store will be carrying ALL the books available. That makes your choices on this day all the more important. You don’t want to go home with a bunch of duds. That’s where I come in.

As always, we here at Geek Hard got you covered and have read a selection of the FCBD titles in advance. Be sure to listen to Geek Hard, LIVE this Friday at 7pm Eastern on www.realityradio101.com to hear our panel’s picks on what comics to grab and what ones to avoid. But for now, here’s 5 comics that I think are worth your time on May 7th.



Publisher: Graphic India

STK697541From the mind of Grant Morrision comes a new superhero. And because it’s Grant Morrision, this hero is larger than life and living in a world that is not quite ready for him. Avatarex is an all-powerful super being who has awakened to fight in the Last War of the Age. One small problem with this is that he’s awoken a tad early. The End of Days is still a ways off. So now he must find his place in a world that’s unable to survive his full might and power. It’s another God-like being surrounded by mortal men and he’s walkin’ on eggshells, trying not to break any of ’em. It’s familiar territory for Morrision but he’s on his game here and when he’s on his game, a fantastic story is the result.




Publisher: Image Comics

STK698783This is my All Ages pick for FCBD. We’re introduced to a girl named Skye. In an attempt to get back at her step-mother, she’s trying hard not to fit in. But that’s the least of her worries when she’s mistakenly sent to the wrong summer camp. At this camp, the activities are in the dead of night ’cause that’s when all the campers reveal their true forms and let out their inner monsters. Steven T. Seagle and Jason Adam Katzenstein have created a very fun world with this book and Skye is equal parts a brat and really likable – so basically she’s a REAL kid. This is definitely one that the kids should enjoy but there’s something there for an adult looking for a well crafted, simple story.




Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

STK699264For the lovers of licensed comics fare, Dark Horse doesn’t disappoint as they once again bring you a sampling of hot properties. It all kicks off with a Serenity story titled “Leaves on the Wind”. Any fan of Firefly knows the significance of  those words. What we get is a whimsical bedtime story recounting the life of Wash and his relationship with Zoe, told by River in classic fairy tale style. That would be enough but not for Dark Horse as they also bring you a Hellboy tale from Mike Mignola and Richard Corben and an original tale from Brian Wood that gives you a peak of things to come for Aliens: Defiance. Three great stories for the price of one……and the price is FREE!




Publisher: New England Comics

pg01.inddYear in, year out, it never fails. We can always count on The Tick to bring the thunder on FCBD. And this year is no different as another 32 pages of Tick awesomeness is coming our way. In the all new lead story, “The Council of Ticks”, a dimensional rift has caused a number of other worldly Ticks to show up in The City and it’s up to Tick and Arthur to figure out what to do before something terrible happens, like a giant version of Thrakkorzog breaking through the dimensional barrier….oh wait, I think that happens. It’s up to an army of 100 Ticks from the multiverse to work together and stop this. Easier said than done. I laughed out loud reading this one. SPOON!




Publisher: Black Mask Comics

STK699197We all know it’s important to get young readers buying comics. But not all comics are for kids. That brings us to my Mature Reader pick for FCBD. We Can Never Go Home and Young Terrorists each have well crafted tales of crime, death and danger. I don’t want to get into any plot details here ’cause I feel that the book is better experienced than explained. All I know is that I think I will be checking out both these titles in the near future. And that’s what Free Comic Book Day is all about. You take a chance on a title you’ve never read and you find something you never knew you wanted to read. Black Mask Comics won me over with this one.



So these are just 5 of the great titles that are out there. If I had more space, I would sing the praises of Love and Rockets, Dream Jumper, Rom and more. But there’s only so much space here for that. If you want more suggestion on what Free Comics to pick up on the 7th, be sure to listen to Geek Hard this Friday night at 7pm Eastern on www.realityradio101.com and we’ll give you what you need. Be sure to make the trip out to your local comic shop this Saturday and sample a few free comics. And while you’re there, maybe buy a few comics off the rack. Most participating stores should have some awesome sales or events that you can get involved in, so check ’em out.

If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!

Take part in FCBD 2016 and support your local comic shop.

Take part in FCBD 2016 and support your local comic shop.