In the post movie credit sequence of his film, Deadpool announces that Cable will be in the next film and makes some comical suggestions as to who should play the time traveling mutant. As we speak, tons of actors are throwing their hats into the ring and as I recently asked friends on Facebook, there are a ton of choices. For a bit of fun, I figured I would go through some of my favourites. Casting Cable is a hell of a lot easier than trying to make sense of his origin… so… here we go!


Dolph Lundgren


Dolph Lundgren is not a particularly good actor. I mean he’s decent, but nothing nearing an Oscar. But what Dolph does very well is “stoic and humourless” and that is what is needed when Cable and Deadpool team up. Cable should be the straight man to Deapool’s constant wisecracking, much like Colossus was used in the first film but even more severe. Cable comes from a really rough future and the weight of the world is on his shoulders. Humour is for those who have time for it and Cable’s got no time or patience for laughs. I think Dolph could actually pull this off well. I think back to his performance in the last two Expendables films and I can completely see him as Cable. Beyond that, from a studio point of view, he’s got a name and he probably isn’t incredibly expensive which helps your budget.


Ron Pearlman

A fan favourite for his work in Hellboy and honestly, he kind of looks like certain comic book versions. He can do the stoic and serious but he’s also got the bonus of having great comedic timing. A better actor than Lundgren but also probably a bit more expensive. I can easily hear the banter back and forth between Ryan Reynolds and Pearlman during a battle scene.


Jeffrey Dean Morgan


Suggested by a number of people on my facebook feed, Jeffrey Dean Morgan isn’t a bad choice either. A little younger than the previous two actors, Morgan has a voice and seriousness to him that would be a great fit with the time traveling mutant. Not to mention, as Cable, Morgan would then up his comic book character count to six. While you would have to change his look a little, he’s played a similar character on Supernatural. A solider with a mission against fierce odds. Hits right in that sweet spot of name recognition and price but his commitment to The Walking Dead might make availability difficult.


Stephen Lang

lang cable

Lang was the first one out of the gates declaring his candidacy for the role. Rumours of him being Cable go back as early as Lang’s press tour for Avatar. In terms of acting chops, Lang has the goods (he’s one of the creative director’s behind The Actor’s Studio) and in a lot of ways it would be cool to see him get this. Lang is a good actor who doesn’t get big parts in terms of his film work. You would think after the success of Avatar, the guy would be everywhere. He looks and sounds the part and can do it justice. For the filmmakers, he doesn’t have too recognizable a name but you just slap “Star of Avatar” on the trailer and people will know who it is. He’s also probably fairly easy on budget. The only possible issue is that he’s shorter than Reynolds but that can be fixed through camera trickery.


Henry Rollins

rollins cable

My dark horse pick that was suggested on facebook. He’s got the look, he can do no nonsense easily and he’s got solid comedic timing. He wouldn’t be a huge paycheck and I think he could really bring something interesting to the role. Much like Lang, the one obstacle would be height. But then again, in a world where they made a six foot plus guy like John Rhys Davies into a dwarf, it’s possible.

What do you readers think? Is there someone not on the list who should be? Place your suggestions in the comment section below!

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