This week’s column is going to be kind of quick as I am currently somewhere not in Canada. I can’t say much but what I will say is that I have discovered Parts Unknown (the fabled land that’s birthed many a mystery wrestler). There’s some really weird stuff here and a good chunk of the plants smell like steroids.

That being said, my wifi connection is crap so I had to hammer out this one quick.

We know the slate of up coming comic book movies from Marvel and DC is huge. I mean, this list goes on for years.

But what about comics that are not from the big two? Which of them would make a great film?

I took this as a challenge. Cully through my library and my vast knowledge of comics, I set out to pick five non big two comics that would make for great summer action flicks. Here’s what I managed to come up with.


velvet01 (1)


From the minds of Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting comes a great spy thriller about a former operative that has been framed. Strong female lead, tons of action and a great story, not only could you get one awesome film out of this but a whole series of awesome films. I’m not sure who you would cast. If Helen Mirren was twenty years younger, she would be perfect. Hell ,she’d almost be okay now except for the sheer amount of physicality needed for the role. Speaking of female spies…


queen-and-country (1)

Queen and Country

A spy thriller of a very different sort also starring a female lead. Real world spy drama from the mind of Greg Rucka. The film rights pop up every now and then, occasionally with actors attached 9Ellen Page being one of them), but nothing ever seems to happen with it. This would be a very cerebral series of movies with bits of action and violence thrown in. It would also be different from a lot of the movies we get thrown at us and different is always interesting.



Mouse Guard

This epic tale of medieval mice could be something quite special if done right. The Mouse Guard charged with protecting their fellow mice have uncovered a plot that may do them all in. An animated film with a large amount of heart, staying close to the source material could be like Game of Thrones as done by Pixar. It also has fantastic potential for sequels.


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Mage: The Hero Discovered

Kevin Matchstick finds out he’s an ambiguous version of King Arthur and has to fight demons (of a sort) with his Excalibur: a magical, green glowing, baseball bat. It’s a book that I love dearly and have watched the film rights bounce around every couple of years. Now is the time to make this film. Do a late fall/midwinter release and it will do fine. Just make sure to do a little bit of an overhaul on the dialogue from the first book (Matt Wagner got so much better even by the second issue).


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The Shadow

Yes, I know we already got a serviceable film from Alec Baldwin but I think we could all agree we could use another one. Have it set in the 30’s or 40’s, with the Shadow taking out criminals by using both his powers and his guns and it will be spectacular. If I didn’t think he’d use a crappy script, Alex Proyas would be a great choice to direct. As for the main character, I’m very hard pressed to pick an actor that I think hits all the right points. Much like Batman (it’s very easy to cast an actor who is a good Bruce Wayne but a terrible Batman and vice versa), the question is who do you get who can be both a great Shadow and a great Kent Allard / Lamont Cranston? Oscar Isaac maybe? I’m don’t know but I am sure you can find someone who would work.

What about you dear readers? Name me some non “big two” titles you’d like to see as comic book movies. Post your ideas in the comment section below!

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